10 October 2016


So i'm 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I still cannot believe i'm still pregnant. I'm uncomfortable, huge and ready to have this baby. I have a sweep booked for Friday which I weirdly cannot wait for. Maybe it's because I have never had one before and have no idea what i'm letting myself in for. I also guess that i'm praying that it works and that i'll go into labour that weekend and i'll finally get to meet the baby girl, i've been longing to meet for 9 long months.

I thought i'd share with you some of my pregnancy must haves. I really have loved being pregnant this time around. I gained so much weight with Lucas and on my last weighing at 36 weeks had only gained 2.5stone the whole pregnancy. I feel like i'm smaller on my arms and legs than I was pre-pregnancy and thats down to morning sickness, staying active and really not eating as much cake. With Lucas' pregnancy I gained around 4-5stone i'd say, I wish I still had my notes to check. I was so disgusted with myself and as much as I loved my Lucas bump, I despised my face, arms, legs, ect... I have confidence this pregnancy and love my bump.

So the pregnancy must have items i've been loving and using constantly are...

Mama Mio products. I have been using 3 in particular and have 3 other products ready to use postpartum too.
'Lucky legs' - Being pregnant over the summer meant that I had really hot sweaty feet and I swelled so much with Lucas, that I really wanted to try and keep my feet from swelling again. It smells like toothpaste and that's strangely a really nice smell to have on your feet. It was cooling and I loved that it meant Brad could pamper me a little and make me feel a little nicer.

'The tummy rub butter' - This is another one that is wonderful, I gained horrendous stretch marks with Lucas, so no matter what I put on my body this time round, I was still going to have stretch marks and that wasn't going to change, what I wanted to do was to stop myself getting anymore and hoping that it would only be the ones I already had that would show their angry redness. This stuff smells amazing and also really has helped keep my stretch marks less angry. It's hard to tell whether it would stop stretch marks as I was covered from my huge weight gain from Lucas but they really aren't as angry as I had with Lucas, so guessing thats from this butter. I wish I used it every night, i'm so forgetful, but the tub has lasted my whole pregnancy, and I have another unopened one ready for postpartum too.

'Liquid yoga' - This is a spray that you spray around your room, onto your bed, you name it. It's made to relax you, you can even spray it on your yoga mat... I had all intentions of pregnancy yoga, and now laugh at myself as I never even attempted it and can't believe I thought with a toddler, I ever would. This spray is so relaxing and I spray it in mine and Lucas' bedroom, in the hopes it will relax him too.

Deep freeze Gel - This has been amazing. I occasionally get a really bad day with SPD, and I can barely waddle to the toilet and back, so when I discovered that I could use deep freeze it saved my hips and thighs. Word of warning, don't get too close to your inner thighs, it really makes you cold, I learnt that the hard way. It really has been helpful though and works just as well as deep heat, although deep heat smells so much worse and I hate using it because of that. So will now always use deep freeze if I have a pain or something.

Deep freeze pads - I used these for my lower back pain and occasionally when I had a migraine. They're so handy for your head or sticking to your back. I prefer the gel, but along with some paracetamol, these really helped when I had a time of constant migraines.

Birthing ball - I have a 65cm one I think and it's the best thing ever. I use it to sit and do work on, if my hips hurt from SPD, then I bounce on my ball and apply deep freeze and it's been great fun for exercise too. I enjoy putting on some dancey music and bouncing away in hopes, i'll go into labour. The time warp is a blooming good one to dance to on the ball too. I will be using it in labour too.

Ihypnobirth & wireless headphones - Ihypnobirth is an apple app only, which is rubbish for you android users, but it's been so good. I haven't used it as much as I'd have like during this pregnancy but with a toddler it's been a little more tricky, but it has helped me learn some great relaxation tips, and also helped me fall asleep on the nights a few months back that I just couldn't sleep. I bought wireless headphones too as it's easier when bouncing on my ball, and also for when i'm listening to hypnobirth in labour, i'm not attached to wires.

Lush bath bombs - I've been contracting on and off for weeks. I've also suffered with the worse back pain, nothing has been nicer than getting into a bath with a lush bath bomb and relaxing. They're so soothing, smell lovely and the 'sex bomb' bath bomb has clary sage in it, which is meant to induce labour, so theres no harm in trying it... it hasn't worked for me sadly, but who knows.
(The one in the photo is autumn leaf and it makes an amazing bath for you autumnal lovers)

Maternity clothes - I've had pieces from NEXT, ASOS and New look this pregnancy, maternity wise and it's a pretty obvious must have, I wont attach any photos as I don't take many photos of me, but I have found, stretchy, bodycon dresses and shirts have been my go to's this pregnancy.

Evening Primrose oil - This is one of those "induces labour" or "softens your cervix" ones. I am not sure it induces labour, i've been taking them since week 36, as recommended, but it is meant to soften your cervix and if thats what it's doing then so be it. If it's doing nothing, then no harm done, the capsules are so much cheaper than clary sage oil and raspberry leaf tea and well, 1000% safer than castor oil... don't try that.

V shaped cushion - This has been amazing, I hated it the first 6 months, I was so angry and kept telling Brad it was a waste of money. Then I got bigger and SPD got bad as soon as I laid down in bed and now I cannot sleep without it. It's also going to be a great breastfeeding pillow too.

These are some of my pregnancy must haves, i'm sure theres more but off the top of my head I cannot think of anymore. What were your pregnancy must haves?


*We were gifted the mama mio and deep freeze products for review, all opinions and words are my own and honest*

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