28 August 2016


I love Sundays, a sentence that I didn't think i'd hear myself say a year ago. Just over a year ago I changed from Monday, Friday's and Saturday's at work to Thursday and Sunday nights, I then changed jobs and continued working Thursday's and Sunday's but daytime wise. 
Brad has every Thursday off and every other weekend, so we were missing each other most of the time as I worked when he was off, and vice versa; For a family this really is rubbish. 

Thursday marked my last working day before maternity leave, I have a couple of holiday days left meaning my maternity leave officially starts 2 weeks today, so i'll be just coming up to 33 weeks. This may seem incredibly early for some, but if you've followed me for a while you'll know Lucas came at 36 weeks so it just felt right to have some me time before hand, and bonding time with Lucas before she makes her debut; and if she arrives later then more naps and more family of 3 times before. No biggy.

Today was the first Sunday, except holiday days taken, I have had off work in over a year. It's crazy. I got an understanding today or everyones love for Sunday's. I never appreciated it before and Sunday's were just a day I got up and went to work.

This morning Brad let me have a little lay in which was much needed, Lucas has been getting up anything between 4:50am and 6am for over a week now and it's really hitting my pregnant self. I woke up, got ready, could hear the boys playing downstairs and then they got ready and it was like, so this is what it's like to be home together. Don't get me wrong, we did have days together when I was working, but you take it for granted and the sound of them playing was lovely, but today it felt really special, different even. Does anyone know what I mean?

My mum came and picked us up at 9:35 and we drove to her house in Titchfield. Today was the Titchfield fete and I am really happy that it fell on Brad's weekend off as didn't think it was going to. There was a little dog show, which in all honesty doesn't interest me much, but there was lots more to do than just that.

We went with my mum, her partner (Gareth/Buddha), my brothers girlfriend (Emma/Elma), Gareth's mum(jenny/Jenfa), and her partner (Ray/hobbit) and everyone except myself, my mum and Lucas rode on segways. I was rather jealous, can someone explain why a pregnant woman isn't allowed on a segway, seems totally safe. Everyone did great and it was quite amusing to watch, especially when Brad crashed and Lucas was yelling "DADDY STUCK," "DADDY CRASH" had us all giggling.

We bought some fudge and Lucas rode on the teacups. First of all he asked to ride the "ellow cup" with daddy, then when he got off he wanted to ride the "bloooooo cup" with Buddha. He did ask to ride the "wed cup" afterwards but we had to draw a line on the finances and say no.

Once we were finished at the fete, we walked back to my mums, they live in Titchfield village, and it's honestly so cute, quirky and beautiful, so it was lovely to mooch on back and have a chill before we had a family roastie. I fell asleep on the sofa, the third trimester has made me exhausted and I struggle to not nap in the day now. So 40 minutes kip on the sofa and then it was time for dinner.

Missing Sunday roasts has been something that has really made me sad, it's such a british tradition and I love a roast anyway. So having a roast on a Sunday really was delightful. I am quite excited and have bought two more joints of meat for more Sunday roasts this month, saving them for Brad's weekends off though.

It is such a lovely feeling to feel like a family again, and appreciating Sunday's as a family too. It may just be another day of the week but it's a day that I always know as a day of rest and for family.
I am so excited to enjoy some time off and fitting in quality time with Lucas and Brad before Iris makes her arrival and have even decided to vlog everyday of September so I can document possibly our last full month before our family of 3 becomes 4. Nothing has made me happier than seeing Lucas' absolutely adorable grin all day today. Thats what being a mum is about.

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