22 July 2016


 Today we went to Lucas' two year check. We had no concerns about his development or him hitting milestones, but obviously everyone has a 2 year check and it's always nice to have it confirmed that there are no concerns with your child.

Lucas weighs 11.46kg so about 25lbs 3ozs, 1 stone 8lbs roughly. He is 85.5cm tall which is about 2foot 9.7inches. He is on the 25 centile for both but the health visitor isn't concerned. Seems like the kid has my height and Brad's metabolism and weight.

Lucas' speech is wonderful, he can count and name his body parts, basically ALL his body parts, he can sing the alphabet, not perfectly but he can sing the alphabet song in tune, and with most of the right letters. He can turn pages in books, he can name certain items, objects, people and animals. His gross motor skills are good and his memory is really good.

The health visitor was really pleased with him and said he was a delightful little boy and he even asked her for a cuddle. He's such a clever little bean and she said we're doing everything right; Especially in regards to potty training and the terrible two tantrums and hitting.
We are going to book him in to the dentist and opticians as we want to check that he doesn't have dodgy sight like me.

We also are taking him to the podiatrist to check his feet, as he walks very slightly on the sides of his feet, were not concerned but it's worth getting checked out as it's a little unusual. Apart from that he's a dream and is thriving.

I am very proud of my little boy and he really is wonderful.