11 June 2016


We were lucky enough to be gifted with a 'Nabby' monitor to try and test for Lucas and ready for the arrival of Iris. 
We had a baby monitor when we had Lucas, and sadly it broke and now we just use the music bit that came with it. When we moved to the house we realised how much a baby monitor is handy. We were forever pausing the TV to check if it was Lucas getting out of bed or whether it was just our neighbours as our walls are paper thin and we can hear everything they do. 

With the arrival of Iris creeping up on us, 19 and a bit weeks until due date, I was wondering what it would be like when we put her down to sleep in the snuzpod and we had some couple time. Even though that would leave Lucas' room without a baby monitor, we can go back to pausing the TV on the nights we decide to just have couple time and put Iris upstairs before us. Last thing we want is a hungry newborn and then an awake toddler.

With your 'nabby' it's a small little, computer mouse shaped device with a small button and thats it; and obviously a charging port. It is charged via a computer usb or you can plug it into your phone usb charger port, but don't leave it too long, I can imagine it could damage the battery. 
Anyway, once you receive your nabby it's controlled via bluetooth and you download a free app to your phone. You have the choice to leave it as just a baby monitor or you can buy the added features, which I did and I think if you buy all 3 as a package it's 69p. The app is avaliable on app store and google play store and it's simple to use.
 With the added extras to the app, you can set alarms for temperature and you can see the temperature too. Which I have always loved and haven't been able to check over winter, so being summer and worrying about Lucas over heating, I am rather glad now we can check. It's 23degrees celsius today so that's pretty warm! You can also see on the timer how long they sleep for, which is great. It's good to know how long he's sleeping for. Just be sure to turn it off when they get up or you'll end up looking like they've slept for 16 hours.

We use it every night, and it will be so helpful when Iris is born too, to make sure she's not too hot or too cold. As I worry about Lucas as a toddler, let alone my newborn baby who can't take their duvet off if they're hot. 
Nabby will go alert you when they need you and as you name your nabby it will tell you "your child needs you," ours says "Lucas and Iris" which is cute and when it flashes up it makes me excited that one day soon, Lucas and Iris will need us.

Lucas got hold of the nabby whilst I was taken pictures this evening and he's using it as a doppler... He's convinced there is a baby is in his tummy and he's seen me use the doppler many times and likes to listen to her heartbeat through the headphones as he loves headphones. So this was super cute.

Nabby retails for £99.99. It's well made, easy and simple and Brad can have the app on his phone too for days i'm at work till late. Whoever downloads the app can connect to your nabby so even if nanna or grandad are coming over to look after them, they can use it too, or if they're going for a sleepover it's easily portable and so small and handy, no plugs needed, no two parts to pack in the bag, no massive bits and bobs just a phone and the nabby. This will be especially handy when I go back to work after maternity leave and Lucas and Iris will be at my mum's every other week for a sleepover. She'll never have to worry about listening out for them herself, she can relax and wait for her phone to buzz.
The more I think about the connivence the more I love it. 
Also the charger is bright green and fabric so it's not easily breakable, like those iphone wires, and also we never lose it... we're terrible at losing things.

Overall we're genuinely a massive fan of nabby and would recommend it to anyone.
You can purchase Nabby here.

*A little disclaimer to everyone, that although we were gifted this item, we're not made to write a positive review, we genuinely really like this item and feel it's worth every penny. Nabby didn't ask us to write a full blog post, nor did I have to use nabby as the main focus of my photographs. Nabby has impressed us as a family and felt it deserved a full blog post on the item. Thank you to nabby for your kindness and we would recommend nabby to anyone with a child or a baby on the way*