13 May 2016


I can honestly say that this was something I totally wasn't expecting. Since we found out we were expecting Lucas, I always thought I was going to be a "soccer mum" surrounded and outnumbered by boys. So being told we were expecting a girl was crazy.

The first thing I did when she told us in was cry. I was totally shocked and we were totally not expecting to be told she was a she; well Brad said he was, but I totally didn't.

Having a boy or a girl isn't important to me, a healthy baby is, even if that is cliche. Being told it would be hard to conceive Lucas, and then finding it wasnt, made me absolutely lucky and I never took the fact I was pregnant with him for granted.
Then when we fell pregnant again and suffered the miscarriage, it made me feel even more blessed when we fell pregnant again.

When people asked what we wanted, they expected us to say girl, as obviously we already have a boy, and I was genuinely not bothered either way. I was just happy that we were pregnant. Of course most mothers would love a girl and a boy but I was so happy with boys too.

I am looking forward to looking at things I couldn't with Lucas, looking at dresses and pink things. We've never been gender stereotypes, she will be driving a car walker and wearing band tshirts and playing with dinosaurs; and i'm sure Lucas will be playing with her girlier toys too. It will still be nice to do things we didn't do with Lucas and shop in a different section.
It will also just be lovely to have a daughter. I can't really believe still i'm saying that I will have a son and daughter but i'm so excited.

We will be announcing her name in a couple of days in a separate post and will explain why she's called what she is and ect... We're really organised when it comes down to names, we had Lucas' and announced it the same day we announced he was a boy. We just know when we fall in love with a name, we wont change it.

Also we were going to do a gender reveal video, but she's making me super poorly, and no energy. So we haven't done one.