22 March 2016


So my poorly little 'chicken' (pun intended) has managed to catch the dreaded pox, twice now. How has is it fair that my little one gets them twice. He always behaves like a pro when he gets ill, he soldiers on and isn't going to be a "man flu" type of human as he grows up. Neither is his daddy though, most of the time.

 Lucas woke up on Friday, all spotty and we had no idea why. We ruled out the chicken pox as he'd already had them, google said "You cannot catch chicken pox twice," so we were pretty baffled. We couldn't understand what else these little blotches could be. So Brad took him to the doctors as I had a cold and was feeling rather horrid myself too. Doctors verdict was invertigo or possibly the chicken pox. Anti-biotics were given and we hoped this would work.

Saturday he woke up and it was 100% apparent that Lucas had the chicken pox again, he caught them just after his 1st birthday last, so not even a year ago, and he had them quite bad back then too.
We phoned the out of hours doctors who confirmed that if immune systems have been low, they can catch it again, and Lucas had been ill with cold after cold for weeks.
That night we smothered him in calamine lotion, in the hope my little chicken's spots would clear up.

Thank goodness, Sunday morning, they had all scabbed over. I can't believe how well Lucas does at not scratching, he's such a good boy. He did find that he could scratch with the pen he was writing with on the Saturday, and the pen was taken out of reach rather quickly.

This will explain why we've barely been blogging and vlogging, it's had to take some time off due to the continuous illnesses of ours. If it's not myself, it's Lucas. It's been a long month of illnesses.
Luckily we all seem to be perking up a little now and hopefully we'll gain some energy back.
We've been super 'ordinary' and it's been like groundhog day in our house. I have deja vu. Wake up, feed Lucas, feed myself, sit on the sofa together, feel sorry for each other, feed Lucas, feed myself, have a nap together, wake up, sit on the sofa together, feel sorry for each other, feed Lucas, feed myself, baths, bed.

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