15 February 2016


We've literally just walked back through our door and i'm already eager to type up this post and share the photos. Wellington boots are muddy, we have a tired little toddler and The pram has more mud than a mudpie, BUT... we've just been on a fun, sunny, winters day walk and been on a bear hunt. We didn't manage to find any bears, trolls or gruffalo's but we did find stick man... Well Pine cone man.

We original set off with a packed lunch and plans to meet my nan and her dog, Jake. We were having so much fun we never ate lunch and have just eaten it now.
We got Lucas out of his pram as soon as we got to the woods and expected him to refuse to walk as he usually does, but he surprised us and was having so much fun and was running holding one of our hands shouting "weeee" as it was quite hilly but we were headed down hill.

Brad was running across the bridge and we will looking for "trolls" and singing the "we're going on a bear hunt" song. Lucas learnt that he could stomp on the bridge and it would make bangs.

We then had an invasion as Brad was taking some photos of Lucas and I sat on the bridge, these little dogs came rushing down. It was so cute, Lucas got so excited and was yelling "doggy" "DOOOOGGGGGYYYYY" He's obsessed with animals. It's so sweet. He has a membership with the RSPB, my nan does it as part of a christening gift and it means as he gets older he can have the magazines and can go to places for free to do with wildlife and the RSPB.

My nan arrived with her dog by this point and Lucas was very excited by Jake, and was very confusd when Jake was being a naughty pup and wouldn't sit or wait. he's a border collie and the most lovely, yet energetic dog EVER.

We also found 'Stick man' well 'Pinecone man' and Lucas carried it around for a little bit, then when he dropped it, I realised how heavy it was. Muscle man in the making.
We also discovered the cutest little fairy area. I originally noticed it as "christmas baubles and tinsel" and then upon a closer look noticed it was a fairy garden. It was so sweet and there was chalk on the ground so my nan, drew Lucas' name in a heart on it.

We came across this HUGE table and chair and it was the perfect opportunity for a photograph of Lucas and even Jake.
We tried both together but by this point Lucas was VERY worn out, very emotional and very ready for a nap.

Brad and I very rarely have time off together, so when we do and the weather is nice we love to make the day special for Lucas as he loves it when we're both together. 

You can watch this vlog over on our vlogging channel on Wednesday, so keep an eye out. It will be up at 5pm!

What a perfect afternoon.