14 February 2016


Today is Valentines day and although I don't believe you need a day to confess your undying love for someone or to tell your boyfriend, partner, fiance or husband ect... I do believe that it's always nice to have a cute day to give a card, a token gift and have dinner sat at the dinner table instead of on your lap at the sofa.

Valentines day is a day that was created by hallmark in a bid to make a hell of a lot of money, a bit like "mothers day" and "fathers day." They're all a bid to make loads of money, but it's nice to have that day to appreciate your other half, the same as the other two day, to appreciate your parents.

I love days like these though. I love 'holidays' an excuse to take the world's cutest photos of your kid/s dressed up in a silly costume or with a prop. From a mother and ammuture photographer side of things, while Lucas is young enough not to turn around and say "get that lipstick off my face," or "i'm not wearing a santa hat" ect... I am taking full advantage of it. These will be the cutest memories I can frame as he gets older, and show to his future husband or wife, haha!

So enjoy your day, whether you have a partner or you're spending it eating ice cream with your best friend, enjoy it. It's an excuse to do cute things and an excuse to dress your kid up.

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