30 October 2015


If you follow our daily vlogging channel, you may have noticed we've taken a break; This was slightly explained in yesterdays blog post "ordinary moments" but i'll explain again.

Basically we took a break due to myself have some really terrible migraines, to the point i couldn't eat and see straight and resulted to eating in the darkness of my bedroom. I decided to focus on Lucas for a little while after that, as after 4 days of "shoddy" parenting due to these migraines, he was very clingy and knew something wasn't quite right with mummy. I wanted to spend time with him without a camera, making up for the fact he missed out on 4 days of proper mummy. I then found that after the days had finished, I wondered where i'd have found the time for editing them anyway. Lucas goes to bed at between 6 and 8, depending on the day, whether he's had a nap, whether we have to be up early the next day ect... so then once he's gone to bed, Brad gets in from work, then it's time for dinner, then by that point I'm exhausted. My editing routine went out the window, I used to have such a great schedule, I'd do it after dinner, takes about 30mins-1hour and then bed, bur everything just gone crazy all of a sudden!

The other thing is I'm working on something secret, again, I just love secret projects and surprising you guys with secret projects and do exciting things! So that will all be revealed in the next couple of months or so.

Oh Lilla has been full on and completely GO GO GO! Issue two is on pre-sale and will be released soon and it's bigger & better than the last issue, its got 100 pages, instead of 80 and if you pre-order TODAY, you get a slightly cheaper issue.
So thats also been worked really hard on and taken up so much of my time.

I've also been job hunting, I left my job at the beginning of October and didn't want to be jobless for very long, so had to put the daily vlogging and editing on hold to focus on applying for jobs every night, i've also attended 4 interviews this month and 4th time lucky I got a job. New look, shoe specialist. It's all very exciting. 

So basically thats all. It's just been GO, GO, GO, and then the motivation was sucked out of me. I am going to start again tomorrow and the next daily blog will be up on Sunday. It's halloween tomorrow, so what a perfect day and then we'll be back Sunday 1st November with that blog. Fresh start. I am so excited to participate in Vlogmas this year (even though daily vloggers do blog everyday) its the excitement of calling it Vlogmas day one: blah blah blah! You know and filming Lucas' second christmas and everything. It's all exciting and I can't thank you all enough for your patience and support, it means a hell of a lot and we wouldn't be bloggers/vloggers without you guys. 

Thank you so much,