29 October 2015


I saw this on a few other blogs and thought what a wonderful idea. Sometimes as a photographer (Amateur) you end up dressing them up cutely and making them pose. This year is the perfect time for those sort of photos, you get halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, ect... so it's easy to forget to get your camera out for those "ordinary moments."

This one was snapped on the way to nursery yesterday, just on my phone, he looked super cute in his hat and i just wanted to take a photo. 
I am glad I did as he just makes me want to cuddle him.

Being a mummy blogger you forget to document the little things sometimes. You focus on the big things and not the little things.
Things in life are a little crazy at the moment anyway, I have just got a job, i am now a shoe specialist at New look, which is totally exciting. I have been working on a secret project, which is really exciting and can't wait to show you all in a couple of months or so, and i've been having the worlds worse migraines, so we've been crazy!
Life is starting to settle a little bit now and i'm excited to go for my induction at work today. 

Enjoy your little ones and focus on the ordinary moments a little more.