22 October 2015


Dear Little Lucas,

well, well, well, it's been awfully long since I wrote to you. I feels like a lifetime, when in fact it's probably only been a month or two.
You've grown so dramatically, i can't even believe it. You seem to have the face of a little boy now, i look at you and you're no longer a baby, i struggle to see even a toddler somedays, it seems like everything is just zooming past so quickly, everything is going by, everyone is growing up so quickly, including you.

I'm having a really hard time at the moment, i'm job hunting and trying to figure out where exactly i'm going in life, although i know is that, blogging, vlogging, the magazine, being mummy and being with your daddy is going right and is perfect, thats all that really matters to me at the moment.
I've been feeling a little under the weather and that always makes you feel worse than normal.

You've been doing so well during your Wednesdays at nursery and learning lots of new things. You're very clever. Mummy is ever so proud of you.
I'm just going to continue the way you do, when you fall down, get straight back up again, be dedicated and make everyone smile.

I'll keep capturing your moments and documenting them for you too see as you get older and wiser.
You're amazing little baby!