8 September 2015


We thought we’d do a little world book day post about the importance of reading and teaching children to read and turn into little book worms.

I remember so clearly back when I was younger that if you read books you were a “geek” and I totally regret not reading more due to the worry of being called a “geek.” Nowadays reading is more… accepted, I guess, more people read, unfortunately I feel it’s things like “fifty shades of grey” and “reality TV stars biographies” that have made it that way, I don’t know I could be wrong but thats my view and observation and opinion of it.
Although it’s sort of sad that these are the best sellers and Youtube stars like “Zoella” (Yes I did read this and yes I did really enjoy it) and “Pointless blog” are top sellers but it is encouraging the younger generation to read and surely we should embrace that and just go along with it.

I used to read “Jacqueline Wilson” books as a teenager as thats the only thing I used to read and focus on. I am so glad she is still writing books for children and hope one day Lucas will enjoy them as much as I did.

The importance of reading BOOKS to children is huge, to many people have kindles, Ipads, Iphones, TV and laptops that their children can use and play with and less time with actual books.  It helps with their development of speech and in time words and language, it helps with their concentration skills, imagination and so many more, including the bond you have with them with story time before bed.

Lucas absolutely loves books, it’s the only time he sits still for 5 minutes in the day. He has had a book read practically every day since he was about 6 weeks old. We put his bedtime routine in place and wanted to read the book as part of it. He would have food, bath, book, bottle, bed. He absolutely loves the cuddle and book reading. 
Lucas got a heap of books for christmas and his christening and we try to choose a different book every evening and with these wonderful treasuries he got are perfect.
Lucas loves vintage classic TV and books and he has a wonderful collection of vintage books from wind in the willows, paddington bear, Roald Dahl, poems, disney and more…

He will always be told how smart he is and I cannot wait to see if he loves books, I hope he does.

I cant wait to see your little ones In their outfits today for world book day.
Lucas doesn’t have an outfit but he is sharing his day and book with his favourite bear Paddington.