8 September 2015


Today we’ve been to the beach!

We’ve had a day at the beach today, we went with Brad, Brad’s dad and Brad’s step mum. We went to Lee-on-solent and had lunch in a cafe and went for a walk along the shoreline.
We chucked on raincoats, hats and wellington boots and wrapped Lucas up like a teletubby and went on a day trip. It was also sort of a valentines day out too as we were both working yesterday so couldn’t really enjoy ourselves.
We sat Lucas on the stones to start with and he was so confused and kept touching them and then picked one up and put it in his mouth and got very cross when we took it out.
I also discovered some extremely boring coloured beach huts. I have a dream that when we can afford it, we will own a beach hut, a pretty little one of the edge of Brighton beach. A lovely pale blue and yellow striped beach hut on the outside and on the inside painted duckegg blue with lots of cute nautical decor dotted around. We will go every summer and spend all day in there, whilst Lucas explores the beach and goes hunting for “sea treasures” and stone and shell collecting and we can camp out in there on the sly, wrapped in so many blankets and in the hammocks which will hang from each wall. (I am sorry about that little rambling about my dream)

We then decided it was lunch time, so had a pitstop at Leons cafe and had a spot of lunch. Lucas obviously decided that ours looked more appealing than his lunchbox goodies, so of course we had to share ours, which he was very happy with himself about.

After lunch we set back off on the beach for a walk. We decided to be brave and with remembering we were wearing wellies we decided to splash in the water. We took Lucas to the edge and he was so fascinated with the waves. He kept staring and I got a damp bottom from crouching and having the waves splashing up at my bum.

After that we got back in the car and came home and had a lovely cup of tea.
Lucas has had a huge smile on his face all day, he has been giggling and laughing throughout the whole day. He loves his sunday funday’s with mummy and daddy and he had an added bonus of nana and grandpops today too.

Now it’s time for dinner time! YUM!
What we’re wearing:
Lucas - 
Snowsuit - NEXT
Nicole - 
Coat - Urban outfitters
Playsuit - Amazon 
Wellies - ASOS
Hat - Amazon
Brad - 
Coat - Peacocks (no longer available)
Shirt - River Island
Hat - River Island