7 September 2015


Preparing for the arrival of our tiny human.
These are 10 things I’m doing in the very last weeks of my pregnancy. Passing the time, staying sane, keeping busy and getting organised.
Obviously with today’s news, some of these will now become harder, but I will be making the most of doing as much as i can as well as balancing it out with resting and taking it easy for the sake of Lucas’ health and my own.
Mums to be with preeclampsia or even a healthy mum to be at 36 weeks+ will have the urge to conquer the world between wanting to curl in a ball and sleep for decades. Balancing that is key though. 
Little thing’s i’ve been up too include…
1. making smoothies - smoothies! I’ve been ordering so much fruit with my shopping and ice cream and ice cubes, chucking it in the blender and loving the refreshing taste and knowing its rather satisfyingly good for me and my “oh so tiny one.” I have blended up pineapples, watermelon, strawberries, bananas, oranges the works, not all together at one time of course. [Look out for a smoothie post over the next few days, as I have just done the food shopping again and have a fridge full of yummy fruit and recipes i want to try out]
2. preparing meals and freezing them - The last thing I want is for a very tired Brad to have to spend all day up the hospital with me and Lucas after my c-section and have to go home and either cook a healthy, decent meal or live off beans on toast or fork out on take away, so I’m preparing meals in advance so all he has to do is remember to take it out the freezer before he goes to the hospital and zap it in the microwave when he gets home. Healthy and easy… things like “Sweet and sour chicken”, “chicken curry’s”, “stews” ect are perfect add a few veg and BOOM… 5 a day target reached too! This also helps when you get home with your newborn, you do the same defrost it, ping it… PERFECT! 
3. sleeping whenever you can - If you’re anything like me, sleeping at night is non existant, if it’s not your bumps to heavy, or your breasts hurt, its the trips to the toilet! People always say to me “wait till he arrives for the sleepless nights,” and I always want to respond with “when he arrives?” I find i sleep better in the mornings, especially when Brad goes to work. I toss and turn at night and need to use the bathroom literally every hour, and i think i’m quite conscious of keeping him awake and actually that usually makes the tossing and turning worse. Catch a nap whenever you can and whenever you feel your body has had enough!
4. online shopping - Browsing or even getting the last minute essentials, I really don’t like walking around busy west quay, shopping with my swollen feet and heavy bump anymore, so I am quite happy to sit at home and browse the web at all the tiny 0-3month clothes i’d love to buy for Lucas but know he has more than enough 0-3 month clothes, and bigger sizes can wait a little longer. I am a sucker for cute little vintage bits too… so me, a bank card and the internet can be a very dangerous mix.
5. packing and repacking the hospital bags - Although I know the date i’m having the C-section, i cant help but worry that there is that possibility I could go into labour earlier (especially now, they could change my date at any moment) so i keep packing and repacking, writing lists for Brad of if I go into labour, you must add in these things ASAP, ect… It’s rather OCD, and I bet I still forget something (as long as it’s not my camera, i will get over it)
6. scrapbooking and blogging - I spend a lot of time scrapbooking and blogging, i’ve let my blog down over the past week after my c-section news as I freaked out a little, I’ve got my head around it a little more now and will be back to posting bump photos and more frequent posts again! Scrapbooking is so relaxing and i love looking back at old photos with Brad and reminiscing about the day, or funny memory. 
7. seeing friends - This has got harder since the swelling as I really can’t waddle very far, but friends with cars, friends who can pop over for coffee or ones who live close, i’ve made a time for. There will be times you let people down, there is only so much you can do at 9 months pregnant. I have found i’ve had a few friends drift away, i see this is quite a normal thing for us preggos, it’s sad really, but my gosh i’ve learnt who my real friends are, and they are the ones who matter and will be a part of Lucas’ life! 
8. organising everything - Yesterday I completely stripped Lucas’ cot and redid it, he’s not even going to be in it until he outgrows the moses basket but, i just enjoy organising everything and getting it all prepared and knowing how close I am to being able to meet him and bring him home. 
9. nesting - Washing all mine and Brad’s clothes, Cleaning the fridge/freezer, cleaning doors, cleaning windows… Everything needs to be spotless, It’s going to be crazy the day before my section, i’m going to be cleaning the house top to bottom, once again packing and repacking the hospital bags and not sleeping. I wasn’t sure i’d find the energy again to nest as i lost it at around 31 weeks, but it’s back and i have the urge.
10. movie nights with Brad - Spending quality time with your partner before your little one arrives is so important! Make the most of time together, before you need a babysitter for a moments peace together. It’s not long and your couple nights turn to family nights. Just as lovely of course though!
How are you lovely ladies preparing for your arrivals? Is there anything you can suggest or enjoy doing that i could do too?