7 September 2015


Little Bump to Big bump
Watching my bump grow over the past 21 weeks has been incredible.
I look back now, and look back at pre pregnancy photos and see what i thought was a huge fat stomach and thighs and realise actually, my body wasn’t as bad as i thought and I wish I had appreciated it at the time.
I felt so unattractive and frumpy, but as my bumps grown i’ve realised what a frumpy, lumpy bod really is…
As my stretch marks appear more prominent and aggressive, and my stomach grows, and my legs, feet, face and hands swell to the size of beach balls, I really appreciate my pre-pregnancy body and as much as some days i wish i was like the pregnant woman in the movies, stretch mark free, perfectly proportioned bodies, no swelling and perfect out front bump, but I realise how thats just fantasy and how this is just a sign that my baby is changing my body and i wouldn’t change that for the world.
I may feel like a beached whale with a awful waddle and a lumpy bumpy bod but thats part and parcel and personally just how my body is handling pregnancy.
You don’t get something for nothing and i’d rather have my baby, then the perfect body.
I’ve learnt that no matter how much stretch mark cream and oil you put on, if your body wants to give you stretch marks then unfortunately thats what’s going to happen, i’ve put it on religiously everyday and bathed in the stuff but it’s made not a single difference.

As I get further into the third trimester and the day i meet my perfect, little blessing gets closer, the more stretch marks i’m gaining, the more my face is breaking out into spots and the more i poof out, but my bump grows bigger and bigger and Lucas grows bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger.

I am so excited to meet our little Lucas and there are the little things like being able to paint my toenails without a struggle, shave my legs without breaking into a sweat and being able to put my shoes on my feet again and dress myself.

It’s all worth it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Little Lumpy bear is worth everything in my life that is changing, this is just the beginning.
How long did it take for everyone’s body to bounce back? Did your stretch marks go down at all? Do you all love your post pregnancy bodies now?