8 September 2015



A little look at our day trip today.

Today is Brad’s 25th birthday and we decided to take a train and go on a little adventure to Bournemouth! It is practically on our doorstep (a 30minute train ride, give or take) so what a better place to visit, explore and enjoy a day as a family, especially as Brad and I have a week off work.
We started our day in bournemouth at the aquarium! It was lovely and at a non expensive price of £16.90 for two adults (under 3′s are free) we really cannot complain, and we’re planning on going back at the end of summer as they have penguins… yes PENGUINS, being homed there in summer 15′ they’re currently building a £1.5million extension on to home the cute little guys, and they’re Brad’s favourite animals.
We absolutely adored it, it’s so cute and being on the seafront it’s easy to find, so no getting lost.

As you can see Lucas adored the fish. He would squeal and scream with excitement at them and laugh as they swam past the windows and bang on the windows, luckily its very very thick glass so it doesn’t frighten them. There are so many different underwater animals from lots of species of fish, crabs, lobsters, turtles, sharks, stingrays and otters, just to name a few! It even has an underwater tunnel.
One of his favourites was the giant turtles.
After we finished at the aquarium, it takes about 1 and a half hour to 2 hours to walk around, we decided to enjoy some lunch on the beach. 
Lucas decided to eat the whole strawberry in one go… haha.
Once lunch was eaten we played in the sand.
Then walked to the water, this photo shows his shoe falling off but he did so well walking holding my hands.
Then we grabbed a stick of rock each from the “unusual flavoured” rock shop, i had candy floss and Brad had cappuccino, but you could buy marmite, fish and chips, scrumpy jacks and so many more crazy but intriguing flavours and then finished off with a stroll along “lower pleasure gardens” and saw some tiny ducklings and sat and had a play.
We then decided to go home and have some dinner… salmon, we felt guilty eating them after watching fishies all day but, it tasted wonderful and now we’re about to watch a film. Lucas was a little grumpy about going home.
I’d highly recommend Oceanarium to anyone who’s in the bournemouth area or anyone visiting bournemouth, i’d be very surprised if you were dissapointed with your visit. The gift shop is also darling, we picked up a cute little “owl and the pussycat” book, which we cannot wait to read to him.
Thank you Oceanarium bournemouth for a superb morning and bournemouth for a wonderful afternoon.
Have any of you been to bournemouth aquarium? i’d love to hear your reviews on it too. Also what have you guys got planned for the weekend?