8 September 2015



I am not sure whether you can tell or not but we’re a very homely family.
Brad and I thrive off doing cutsie little crafts, baking and days out together and now we have gardening to add to the list.
We are very lucky and have a big garden with lots of little areas, we have grass, patio, wood chipped areas and little bits for planting and we had one area that is bricked off and filled with soil, which we sat and pondered on what to do with it and after deciding a pond would be expensive we decided on leaving it filled with soil and turning it into a little gardening spot for our “little green fingered” boy.

Firstly we’re very lucky and have a compost heap bin, which saves us money but also is fantastic for the environment (check me out all eco friendly)
It may be gross to touch, I am not at the type of girl yet that doesn’t mind getting covered in dirt and mud… i’m sure with a little boy that will come with time. (If we’re being stereotypical.)
We planted lots of seeds together…
This is what we’re growing:
  • Giant single sunflowers
  • Dwarf sunspot sunflowers
  • Evening sun sunflowers
  • Teddy bear sunflowers
  • Alpine Strawberry
  • Honey Dew Melon
  • Watermelon sugar baby
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Autumn King carrots
  • Brussell sprouts
  • Musselburgh leeks
  • White Gem parsnips
  • spinach
  • swede
  • cauliflower
  • Brocolli
  • Carrot nantes
  • Cabbage
  • Amsterdam forcing carrot
  • black beauty courgette
  • early nantes carrots
  • beetroot
  • white lisbon onions
  • french breakfast radish
  • feltham first
  • oregon sugar pod
lots and lots of fruit and vegetables! We also are going out to get pumpkin seeds too as we would love to carve homegrown pumpkins this halloween and eat pumpkin pie and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.
Lucas was very excited about his patch. Little cabbage patch kid.
We love the fact that we can have this little patch, it’s great for him to get green fingered and to have his understanding of nature as he grows older.
It’s a great way to save money too, harvesting your vegetables and eating them, instead of paying crazy amounts in a supermarket. Fresh and tasty.
Lucas loved helping water his patch.
It’s all ready to watch it grow… we hope.
We will keep you updated with the patches progress and hopefully show you when we have it on our sunday lunches!