7 September 2015


Part two![Mummy’s Labour Bag]Ive found packing mine, less fun than packing Lucas’ bag.
It was more stressful and theres so much you can’t put in till last minute, whereas with Lucas’ his is ready to go.

Ive found since putting up Lucas’ hospital bag yesterday, how different, different hospitals and different countries hospitals are!
The NHS doesn’t offer as many “freebies” as a lot of my followers hospitals.
Us British mummys-to-be seem to pack so much more than others as we have to bring everything of our own.

List of brands i have chosen…
  • Sainsburys floral folder for hospital notes - My bounty pack folder fell apart within a week, so i bought this as it was cute and practical and perfect for hospital notes and birth plan.
  • NEXT bunny slippers - A christmas present, I am a sucker for cute little slippers, becoming a mother doesn’t mean i have to grow up right?
  • Primark Pyjama Shirt - I love polka dots and I hate nighties. I love this oversized shirt and it will be perfect to give birth in. Having something like this will hopefully mean i dont have to wear the hospital gown. Ive spent enough of my life in those open back gowns and want a little bit of cuteness in my life as i loose all my dignity in labour.
  • TOPSHOP Dressing gown, Primark Trackies, TOPSHOP Leggings, Primark Baggy tees,TOPSHOP socks and  New Look maternity jumper - I find walking around hospital in my pyjamas (i only have ones with shorts) a little embarrassing and revealing, so i will sleep in trackies and baggy tees and then change into leggings and a clean baggy tee & jumper in the morning to keep more comfy. Obviously i could only be in for 24 hours or less, but could be more so need to be prepared and a dressing gown is always nice to feel a little more comfy in the evenings and at breakfast time [and when i need to get up for night feeds and nappy changes and the temp has dropped slightly]
  • Ive also packed a Little Mermaid towel,BHS towel & Primark Vest - Im really hoping for a water birth, so my trusty disney towel is going to need to make an appearance and obviously after showers i’m going to need  a towel as well. Ive packed a vest for the water birth as none of my bikini tops fit anymore and i don’t want to buy one just incase i cannot have a water birth.
  • Boots maternity pads & Breast pads- Extremely handy and not over priced. [Get my boots points as well!]
  • Boots Nipple Shields - Meant to be really handy for cracked and sore nipples! means you can still breast feed without expressing!! [also get my boots points]
  • Minnie Mouse Fan - Gift from my mums partner! He knows my love for disney and thought this was a perfect way to make me laugh and cool my down when i’m all hot and bothered!
  • Gaviscon - I’m giving birth to chewbacca or a cat i swear [if you believe in the old wives tales] It’s been the worse its been the past week. I prefer Gaviscon to Peptac and rennie.
  • Travel sized… Soap & Glory hand Sanitiser, Soap & Glory ‘clean on me’ shower creme, Smile Toothpaste, Batiste dry shampoo, tresemme shampoo & Tresemme conditioner - 3 for 2 in Boots. Perfect price, perfect to store & I GET MY BOOTS POINTS!
  • Dove deodorant, Toothbrush, hairbands [bought in boots] BHS flannel & Primark face wipes - Little Handy essentials! 
Finally Don’t forget your maternity pillow if you have one!  It will make your life more comfortable.
Don’t forget Your little [or BIG] bump, as soon you will be saying bye to it and HELLO! to your new little bundle of joy.
Also don’t forget the car seat! as you can’t leave the hospital without it. 
I’m so excited for his arrival.
I want to be prepared so have i forgotten anything important?