7 September 2015


Part One!
[Lucas’ Hospital Bag]
Packing this was the so difficult, i’m so paranoid i haven’t got enough stuff or packed the right things.
I keep going over in my head “Have i packed enough outfits? nappies?” & “Have i packed too many outfits? Have i forgotten anything i may desperately need?”

I am so excited this is packed and packing mine tomorrow is really exciting.

List of the brands i have chosen…
  • Pink Lining - Yummy mummy changing bag! - It’s so cute and practical.
  • Johnsons baby wipes! - We used to use them at the nursery and I rate Johnson baby products very highly. [We have lots of the talc, bath and oil stocked up], 
  • Pampers nappies! - I’ve heard from my mummy friends pampers is the best brand for little baby’s.
  • sainsburys basic cotton wool pads! -  I use them with my facial routine and they are so soft on my skin, i trust them on my little baby’s
  • Aptimal first milk! - Im hoping to breastfeed, but want to be extra prepared, the last thing i want is to give birth in the middle of the night, him to not latch on or my milk supply to fail and be stuck with a hungry little man.
  • Tommee Tippee closer to natural bottles! - These are also just in case I cannot breast feed or even decide to express as well as breastfeeding to make nights easier, with them being closest to nipple, it should hopefully make it easier to change between the two, but preferably i’d like to just be breastfeeding.
  •  Cuskiboo
  • ASDA muslins - Cheap in the mother & toddler event… they just stop sick and milk anyway. :)
  • Next first size sleepsuits in farmyard - Bought in a charity shop for 50p each, both brand new!
  • Sainsburys tiny baby (I love my mummy) sleepsuits - With him possibly coming early i couldn’t resists these gorgeous unisex sleepsuits [you can never guarantee he wont pop out a girl either]
  • Sainsburys first size aeroplane vests - They are just irresistible
  • Mothercare New baby vests - They came in a set for £20! I love them.
  • Mothercare striped sleepsuit - In with the set
  • Baby Gap Paddington bear vest - We call him “baby bear” and when i saw it saying “please look after this bear” I had to buy it!
  • Handknitted cardigan- Although he’s a summer baby, it may not be a lovely hot day so preparing just in case.
  • Mothecare striped hat - Also in the set
  • Sainsburys blue blanket - because i can’t swaddle him in the carseat home. Such a soft little blanket too!
  • Gro Swaddle 0-3 months- In a woodland theme to match the ‘nursery’ theme. To keep him safe and warm in the hospital and when he gets home!
  • ASDA hats - Also a bargain in the mother & toddler event
  • Mothercare scratch mittens - Also came in the set
  • Tommee Tippee closer to natural dummies - So if i can breastfeed it makes the change from dummy to nipple a little easier [I hope]
  • Tesco newborn socks - Hospitals can be warm places, so a little vest and socks might be better than a sleepsuit.

With my uterus, i need to be prepared for a possible long hospital stay, c-section and a premature baby… Although [touch wood] everything seems to be going to plan at the moment i cannot be sure, so need to be a little over prepared than anyone else! 
2 months till due date! 61days. SO EXCITING.