16 April 2023



Dare I say it? The weather is on the up and getting the little people out in the garden or in the park for our sanity is getting more likely and the Messi training system is such a huge hit in our garden. 
Since January I have been taking my fitness and wellness journey a lot more serious and this has rubbed off on the smalls quite a lot. Iris loving joining in home workouts, Lucas wanting to grow muscles to smash a certain superhero, but this can become quite samey and boring for them. 

Finding something they can play together, without arguing and just encouraging a little healthy competition between them has been fabulous. Even Caspar loves kicking the ball around and throwing his arms in the air yelling "YAY".  

The training system is a great way space saving kit and comes with everything you need so nothing additional is needed. The ball isn't too big or hard which is great as it's not dangerous or likely to cause any damage. It also comes with a pump to pump the ball up too, so again, no additional purchases. The goal is easy to pop up and put down and comes with pegs to secure it into the ground. The fact it pops up and down is great for longevity as you won't need to keep it up in the garden all year round or struggle putting it down at the end of the Summer season. It pops up to a good size but not too big it takes up loads of space in the garden and then folds down really small, perfect for storing.

The training kit is great for children gross motor skills, practicing their skills, and improving them. It is great for encouraging a great aim, working on speed and reflexes but most importantly it encourages them to stay active by moving their bodies. 

Available to buy at Argos HERE it's a great addition to your summer outdoor toys. 

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