7 December 2021



Mila's Dad owns a magical pet shop and he gave her the best pet ever! with magical morphing powers, Morphle is the best pet Milk can have and Rufus can get on board too! Rufus is a huge fan of children's TV and loves collecting little figures so these Morphle character figures are great! 

Rufus has spent hours role playing with these little figures and he makes them talk to each other and he makes them move! He loves the little vehicles too as he's a huge vehicle lover. The toys are so well made and so sweet. Like Rufus' imagination Morphle can be anything! Which is lovely too as it's a great way f teaching your little humans that they too can be anything they want either! 

Morphle can be watched on Netflix and is aimed at pre-schoolers which Ru is the perfect age for and every episode focuses on something different from fighting baddies to friendships! It's a great show and the little figures are amazing to add to the growing collection of figures and vehicles of shows we love! Something I have always found tricky is finding toys for Rufus that Lucas and Iris don't already have so with a new shows for littles appearing regularly thanks to online portals like Netflix! I like Ru having his own identity and his own collection of toys!

Get the figure packs Ru has HERE and HERE

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