17 October 2021



Ru is the typical nearly 3 year old boy that you would expect, he loves to explore and is always learning. Rufus has a massive love for construction and vehicles but also adores dinosaurs and digging and him saying "Dinosaur" melts my whole heart.

This gorgeous little jacket from Jumping Flea Trading Company is super adorable and the fact his name is stitched on to it makes it just that little bit more unique.
For me letting them be them, letting their interests, personalities and dreams shine through. Right now Rufus would say he's going to be a dinosaur or drive some sort of vehicle when he grows up and it's so important to let him enjoy that the the full and explore this. He doesn't currently know what a palaeontologist does really but his big Brother is a huge fan of Mary Anning and they talk about digging for Dinosaur bones and they regularly watch YouTube videos of dinosaurs and they discuss whether dinosaurs were really a certain colour or not, it fascinates Lucas and this rubs off on to Ru's curiosities too. It's something they can share an interest in, along with Iris. All three of them have such different personalities and different likes but it's nice when there's a neutral interest which stops arguments of "I want to do this" or "I wanted to play dolls and the boys won't" etc...

Ru had a great time playing Dinosaurs in the garden whilst the other two were at school and Caspar was napping. It's hard to get him to wear a coat a lot of the time and this has definitely helped. It's not like a big thick coat so on cold days it wouldn't work but when it's that "chill in the air" kind of chilly weather it works really well too, he's worn it on the school run a few times. He loves it and he shows off his badges and his name. He enjoyed sitting down with tea and biscuits at the end too! Busy boy.

The jacket is really lovely quality and comfortable for him to wear and it's so adorable. there's no sign of the badges coming loose, and his name is stitched perfectly. As well as Dinosaurs they also do Space themed, NASA jackets and a helmet and hat. The jacket is £34.99 and can be purchased HERE 

I think it will make an amazing Christmas present for any child, girl, boy, non binary, who loves role play or dinosaurs or space! 

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