10 July 2021


How the blooming heck are we 3 weeks from full term? well technically I'm 2 and a half weeks away as I'm 34+3 so that's pretty damn crazy. I feel like time is ticking away so quickly and I have so much to do and very little time. Although in reality I have very little to do and that in reality things like the garden, isn't going to happen before he arrives, the grass is being mowed and stuff when we get dry days but with this consistent rainfall we've been having it's a bit of a nightmare to try and do the hedge trimming and every damn time I go to spray the weed killer it is scheduled to rain so it's been sat in the bottom of the cupboard for over a month as it needs 48-72 hours of no rain to work and it was expensive to not get the full effect of it, you know? and anyone with gardens are you finding your gardens have become jungles with the inconsistent and inconsiderate hot day, rain day, hot day, rain day vibe we've got going on? It's becoming a real annoyance for me. Haha. First world problems for a preggo ey?
Anyway, I need to label Lucas and Iris' school uniform bits for September which is my plan for this afternoon so that is all done and ready and I don't have to worry about it in August, heavily pregnant or with a newborn. Brad needs to do the tuppleware cupboard cause I can't sit on the floor for that long and it's driving me nuts and other than that I need to rebuild the swinging crib for the lounge as I don't think I did it right and attach things like the snuzpod to the bed and unwrap a lot of the things we have that are currently in packaging still but will wait until 37 weeks for things like the sleepyhead for dust reasons. I want to be completely prepared except regular housework by the 23rd July when Lucas and Iris break up from school... although Lucas is in isolation currently which means he's not at school next week. 

Lucas being in isolation is on one half annoying because I was hoping to have that time to prep with just Rufus home, potter around, nap, etc... but now I have to homeschool for another bloody week of my life! Blooming Norah! On the other hand i'm like if we get covid from Lucas I may cry, after all this time limiting our visits, still making sure we're still social distancing for it to be the 7 year to bring it home would just be so annoying. It is what it is and hopefully it'll all be fine and dandy, even if it does include pinning him down for LFT's, bribery and tears over the week. I blame the damn football. Although I am kinda looking forward to spending a little bit of time helping Lucas on the days Brads home with his school work and usually when he's watching a DVD, playing the switch or on his tablet, he's good as gold, so we'll be using the devices too so I can get bits done too. 

I have also started the physical prepping for baby boy, like the perineal oil for your lady area, the raspberry leaf tea, keeping active on a ball as we're not out walking much as my pelvis is shattering and listening to free hypnobirting meditations and doing the breathing techniques and things too. Nothing that's dangerous, you'll never catch my gulping castor oil or anything and if you're pregnant and debating it, seriously don't its so dangerous, people say it usually works but you end up with the shits and most of the time baby ends up pooing inside you so it can make baby super poorly, so a little serious message, DO NOT EVER USE CASTOR OIL. 
I have also been taking naps, I am an early in the day napper, around 9:30am, I weirdly tend to find I can't keep my eyes open and have to sleep otherwise I feel physically sick all day, so i'm doing that and grateful for Brad's help so I can do that when needed. 

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Basketball hoop and a honeydew melon!
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting the last odd jobs ticked off the list, then it's just keeping up with stuff.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Just feeling him wiggling all the time
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Exhausted and truthfully anxious about staff shortages and things with my birth
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: A coming home outfit, because I couldn't resist but nothing else really for baby boy.
IM CRAVING: Things that aren't edible... why am I so odd?
IM LOVING: Naps. I really do love naps.
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Finish the odd jobs really.

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