20 October 2020



What do you do when you and your family (including your strange children) love history, spooky things and it's October? Head to a historic cemetery of course!! Sunday 18th October we were off to meet some of our best friends in the common in Southampton, we headed there a bit earlier, grabbed a pumpkin spiced latte and crunched leaves as we walked. We headed to have a look around the cemetery and the way that nature had taken some of the old gravestones and also just look at the history and learn. 

I have always loved how beautiful the cemetery looks in Autumn, which is a strange thing to say I know but honestly, the history with this particular cemetery fascinates me. The cages over some of the graves, the old stories, the statues, the way nature forms around the stones and the history around some of the deaths too. I love capturing nature photography, which I always forget as my favourite is of course candid childhood images. I loved watching Lucas in particular so fascinated by the stones and the history. 

We had a really lovely day and we did find the cemetery absolutely beautiful, the children were pretty good at being respectful for the dead and not climbing on the graves and not running around, they carefully walked around and looked at the stones and we talked about them. Proud Mama. Photos below of interesting graves and beautiful little people and a family photo too! ENJOY!

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