22 July 2020


We've owned our Dyson V8 vacuum for a while now, since Iris was a baby, so near on 4 years and it's been amazing and one thing I've always noticed is how much they love to help vacuum and using our "real" one is great but not so great when you want to protect it with all your soul. They love helping around the house and they are pretty good at cleaning really. Which is why I am very happy about them having their own version!

I have been looking at this play vacuum for a while now and never got round to buying it but I wish I did as it's amazing and I am so glad we've got one now. I couldn't believe how realistic it looks and is practically identical to look at. Of course its smaller, less heavy, less noisy and has a lot less metal but it does have a slight suction if you add 3x AA batteries!

You can see in these pictures how similar they look and how great this will be for the 3 of them to play with whilst they zoom around with me cleaning the floors. The only problem is we only have one and not three! FIGHTS. haha. It comes with two different heads and has the Dyson logo on them.

There are little pom poms that go around for a cyclone effect when the button is pressed, the sound it makes is similar to the "real" Dyson but is a lot quieter, bonus for us Mums and Dads. It even has the button at the top that opens the bottom of the debris tray which will of course have little bits in as it does have a slight suction.

Overall, I am really happy with it and the littles are loving it. It's such a great little replica and really does look like the real Dyson v8! It even looks and feels like it when pushing it with the twist and turn and the attachments clip on and off like the "real" thing too. Iris said she felt like a "real grown up" and Lucas said "it looks pretty good in the kitchen next to your one Mummy". Rufus? well he ran around with the pole pretending it was a light saber. Imaginations of three under 6's!

RRP £20 - Dyson Cord Free Toy Vaccum Cleaner

*This is a gifted blog post of the Dyson Cord-free casdon vacuum cleaner. All words and images are my own and are honest. I was gifted the Vacuum cleaner for review in return for a blog post.*

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