4 August 2019


*This is a post in partnership with Casdon to review their Flymo Lawnmower. All words and photos are my own and honest*

The importance of role-playing is something we as a family are really hot on. We own so many different toys for role-playing. A kitchen, a Cafe, a toy vacuum, dressing up clothes the works and I think it's so important to have the same for the garden too. We have a big plastic house and many garden toys and this lawnmower is something so simple but also so perfect.

Brad or I mow the lawn frequently and for a long time, the littles would get out their toy vacuum and would start copying Brad. Getting a lawnmower was perfect for them and this little Flymo is so compact and lovely too.

With our recent Sunshine and the Summer holidays in full swing, this is the perfect time to grow the garden toys and the toys perfect for role-playing. Casdon does a LOT of role-play toys and we own a fair few of them, they're a great brand and their prices are also so affordable too. I love that they sell miniature versions of some of our favourite branded items and like I said at great prices too.

We've been spending a LOT of time outside recently and a lot of time in the garden and we're slowly building up our garden toy collection, next on the agenda is some more gardening tools for them too. We're slowly doing our garden up and it requires a lot of work and they love helping.

This little Flymo with its bright orange casing and Flymo logo looks so cute and it's the perfect height for both Lucas and Iris and they use it a lot. It's become a great addition to our garden collection.
It also clicks as you push it along and it was sooooo easy to put together too. It looks just like the real Flymo lawnmower but a lot less dangerous as there is obviously no electricals or sharpness but it is perfect for little hands and little people.

You can buy this lawnmower for £12.99 which is a bargain and your little ones can be little grown-ups and have the best time copying their Mama, Dad, Grandad, Nanny or anyone they look up to!

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