19 August 2019


*We were given complimentary tickets for Kidz Island and vouchers for hook-a-duck, candyfloss and hot drinks for the purpose of an honest review, everything else on this trip was funded by ourselves and all images and words are my own.*

Southsea is really only a quick train ride from Southampton, so heading to Kidz Island on South Parade pier wasn't that hard at all. Getting from Portsmouth and Southsea station to South parade pier is about an hours walk and 30 minutes to clarence pier. 
We originally got confused and walked to Clarence pier and walked down the most wonderful street, which I will go back to. 

Once we finally arrived at Kidz Island, we grabbed our tickets and wrist bands and the little ran straight to the airplanes. They chose their planes and they loved it. You can pay £7.50 for a wristband for any ride and I highly recommend that to tokens. 

We then headed to Hook-a-duck which the littles LOVED! With a little help from Daddy, they hooked their duck and chose a prize. The prizes were pretty good, teddies, toys and games, Lucas had two goes and chose a slinky and a sword and shield and Iris had two goes and chose a TY beanie baby Olaf and a plastic make-up set. They were really pleased with their choices.

They then headed for another ride and I headed off to grab some candyfloss.

We ate our candyfloss in front of the helter-skelter! There is something so magnificent about a helter-skelter. Neither children wanted to ride the helter-skelter and Lucas has a phobia of heights but it is great to look at.

Candyfloss is candyfloss but this candyfloss did taste great. I mean what's not to love about colourful, fluffy sugar? It's one of my favourite treats!

We then rode the Caterpillar ride, Iris was just about under the height restrictions so couldn't ride but in all honesty in that windy weather on Friday, I'd have not risked her blowing away! The ride felt safe don't get me wrong, it was just super windy and with her being so dinky, I'd have been concerned. Lucas rode it with me though and he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

We headed for lunch after that. We had brought the littles a picnic and Brad and I were holding out for pie later on. There's a few benches but not many BUT there doesn't need to be loads because the place isn't huge so would be unnecessary to have that many picnic benches.
There were more than enough dotted around I felt. It was quiet on Friday too as it was forecast rain and it was windy.

After lunch, we rode on the dodgems... FOUR TIMES! I got unlucky or lucky, depending on how you want to look at it and had my two goes solo with one of the littles. Where it was so quiet my two rides had no queue so I took Iris on first and then Lucas on and I practised my driving skills but driving around in circles like I used to on The Simpsons road rage game or doing doughnuts which the littles found hilarious.

Brad had people in during his time and he loved bashing into the children (that sounds worse than it is meant to) and Lucas and Iris loved it too.

With the weather turning, we headed into the arcade where we basically burned money in the shape of 2p coins! I LOVE 2p machines and so does Iris and she is surprisingly good for a 2-year-old! I was going to try the dance mat but didn't fancy doing it solo.

Once we'd completed our time at the arcade and ran out of 2p's, we took a lovely stroll back in the light rain and took some photos and then the littles got a little adventurous.

As we walked and walked towards the cute street with the Pie, we walked past the men and women building the stages for Victorious (which we're attending this weekend) and past the castle with the monochrome striped lighthouse, the littles ran through the fountains and we found the most incredible  D-Day statue 

The statue was made out of real bullets and lots of metal and it was amazing, of course being a model of a soldier is heartbreaking though. 

Now, on to Lucas and Iris' crazy adventurous side. The weather was getting pretty bad by this point and the wind was so strong that the waves were crashing up and over the walls, which of course was VERY exciting for two children under six and mostly to one cheeky five-year-old boy.

Lucas couldn't get enough of getting a soaking and it was hilarious to watch! I will leave the vlog below too so you can really see the impact of the water and how much he loved it. It was amazing and so cute to watch.

They also loved watching the hovercraft leaving for Ryde too! Which also got us wet too which was pretty funny!

Finally, we headed for dryness and headed to Pie & Vinyl. Now, I love pie, Brad loves pie and we both love music (Brad also loves vinyl) and it didn't disappoint, the cutest, quirkiest shop, selling music-related named pies and it was glorious. 

Brad had pearl ham and mustard and beer mash and I had Magic mushroom band and vegan mash (I'm vegetarian) and mine wasn't to my taste, not because the pie sucked but just because I didn't like the walnuts but Brad loved his and stated it was the "best pie and mash I've ever eaten" now that's a bold statement and one he rarely makes, so it must have been good. 
The littles had sausage rolls as they didn't want pie or mash. 

We then headed home on the train which poor Brad had to get off 3 stops early because Iris became a diva and was throwing an almighty tantrum BUT overall the day was lovely (minus Iris' terrible two behaviours at times).

Kidz island is lovely, small but lovely. It doesn't need to be bigger though as it's a stop off on a day to the beach and not expensive.
Southsea is so beautiful and we had such a fun day exploring and doing something a little different.

We will be back. (Even after this week's festival)

T H E   V L O  G

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