8 July 2019


*We have been gifted the 'The Lion King' plushes in return for an honest blog review. All words and Images are my own and truthful.*

Disney, Disney, Disney! We LOVE Disney. I know everyone claims to LOVE Disney but I mean we as a family are all obsessed! Even Rufus has been to Disneyland Paris and seen 3 Disney films in the cinema already and he's only seven months old. We've even booked tickets for the opening night of the new live-action version of The Lion King and as an all-time favourite and classic Disney film, we are so excited.

Talking about 'The Lion King' we were seriously lacking in Merchandise. Appalling isn't it. We had one plush from Disneyland Paris of Rafiki but that was it. So, when the chance to review two plushes from the new live-action film, we were very excited. When we headed to see the most recent Disney film we came in full clothing and with toys too, so these will be making their way to the cinema on the 19th July too.

To me, Timon and Pumbaa are really underappreciated characters in the plush world! You search Timon and Pumbaa Plushes on Google and you can find a few but nowhere near as many as you'll find of Simba and Nala. We collect a lot of plushes and I am loving having the Pumbaa large plush and the Simba Small plush in our collection.

The large plushes are on sale for £22.99 and they're 14" tall! They come in the characters Pumbaa, Simba and Nala and are so incredibly soft! What I like is that they require 2x AAA batteries BUT they're included, which doesn't always happen with kids toys.
With the Large Plushes, you press their paws to activate sounds from the movies!

The small plushes are on sale for £9.99 and come in the characters, Timon, Pumbaa, Simba and Nala. I like that you could buy a small Timon and a large Pumbaa so the characters are more true to their sizes! If you're weird like I am in that sense. The small plushes are 8" tall and are also lovely and soft too. These four are a more collectable size if you wanted a smaller bunch of them. They also need you to press their paws (Simba is his tummy) to activate the sounds from the movie.
The small plushes require 3 button cell batteries which are included like the large plushes.

They make the cutest little companions and we enjoyed a 'The Lion King' day together with faces painted, playing in the garden and watching the film. Even Rufus loves them too.
One thing I've noticed is how easy the button is to press as I sometimes find these buttons are quite hard to find or stiff for little ones, which you don't appreciate with a children's toy.
I say children's toy loosely because I would say these are great for adult Disney plush collectors too.

S I M B A S  3  P H R A S E S

"I can eat a whole zebra"
"Let's do this"
"I'm the future king"

P U M B A A S  5  P H R A S E S

"I'm gonna get one of those vultures one day, I'm gonna get one"
"Hakuna Matata"
"Hakuna Matata, it means no worries"
"Slimy, yet satisfying"
"Can we keep him, can we please keep him, Oh, Oh, I promise I'll walk him every day if he makes a little mess I'll clean it up"

 Overall the littles love them! They also look great in their Disney, Adventure and Animal themed room and the littles want to take them to bed every night. Their likeness to the new live-action film is remarkable and we cannot wait to take them along to the film with us! Such lovely plushes and perfect for all ages! Yet I must state they do have the 3+ age on them, so be aware if your children are under 3.

You can buy them on Amazon, Argos and other leading retailers and I feel they are so worth it. I'm thinking Pumbaa might be a great face cover for when I sob over Mufasa's death because let's be honest it's brutal on animation form, let alone in live-action... SPOILER ALERT!

Also, I am a photographer, not a make-up artist so please do not judge my Simba and Scar face painting on Lucas and Iris... ROAAAAAAAAAAAR!

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