13 June 2019


*I was given press tickets on press night in return for a blog post and an honest review! All words are honest and my own and two pictures are my own, the others will be stated as press samples*

There once was a girl called Matilda, she was an incredibly intelligent, magical and magnificent little girl - yet her parents didn't recognise this. We all know the story of Matilda, right? I mean it's one of the most classic Roald Dahl stories he had ever written and the film, well, that's up there as one of my all-time favourites. I just love the magic of Matilda and of course how cleverly written it is as a book, film and musical. All three are different in their own ways but the story remains the same and that's important.

Mayflower is a wonderful theatre and has been somewhere I have visited many times over the years with my Mum and her Partner working for the company in the past and the present. I've seen many shows over the years and have fallen in love with musicals. I used to dance myself as a child and always wanted to be in a musical when I grew up. Sadly, this did not happen but I can still enjoy how it takes me back to that dream and I fully immerse myself into the shows and become in awe of the cast and their talents.

I have a Daughter who is two, which if you read my blog or follow me, will know. She currently does ballet but adores dancing and singing and has the perfect personality to pursue musical theatre at a drama school and watching the young cast last night had me mesmerised. They took my breath away. I couldn't believe such young children could take to a stage, perform like that (night after night - while taking it in turns of course) and learn the lyrics, their lines, stay in character and just be so incredibly talented.

Watching Freya last night as Matilda, watching her learn not only her lines but she has to be such an overly intelligent child too and at one point she spoke in Russian. That is truly spectacular. As a parent, I find children incredible anyway (and of course revolting) but these children are just incredible.

Over the years I have seen many musicals and shows which include children but I haven't seen a show which has a cast with so many children and the children having such huge parts. A child is, of course, the main character and Matilda has so many lines and Freya nailed every single part of her role as Matilda.

The show itself is incredible, you laugh, you gasp, you cry, you fall in love with the characters of Matilda and Miss Honey and you feel incredibly disgusted by Miss Trunchbull and her horrendous ways.

Miss Trunchbull is, of course, the cause of nightmares and she is portrayed incredibly well by Elliot Harper. I found myself laughing and fearing her in a matter of seconds. I pray she doesn't send me to the chokey.
I also loved Mr Wormwood, who reminded me of a very famous Fred (drop dead) he had me laughing a lot and considering I am a big Danny DeVito fan I was worried about how someone else portraying Mr Wormwood would be but actually Sebastien was amazing.
Matthew Caputo also was great as Michael and I loved that they made Michael really thick as it was a great contrast to Matilda.

I always find myself adoring the character of Miss Honey and her story with her Mother and her Father, Magnus and of course her terrible Aunt being Agatha Trunchbull herself, so it's always great to watch her grow through the story with Matilda, starting off as this timid woman singing about being Pathetic because she can't knock the door, to cheering on Bruce Bogtrotter as he scoffs the sweaty chocolate cake to finally getting the house that's rightfully hers back with Matildas help.
Carly Thoms did an incredible job as Miss Honey and her voice was amazing, she sang the songs beautifully.

Then the music, the music was brilliant! I loved the songs Naughty, when I grow up and Revolting children. I found the choreography was amazing and once again, hats off to the children too, dancing on moving tables and the swing scene during when I grow up really was sensational.

I also love how the little extras of the moving glass, the chalk writing on the board by itself were magical little touches and I thought the Russians were funny too! Thank goodness for the Russians and Matilda finally being handed over to be cared for by someone who truly loves, respects and cares for her. Even though, children are maggots. (I have three, don't let them fool you.)

I feel the musical version of Matilda is very cleverly put together as it still holds the same story from the book and film, underappreciated little girl, bullied by her parents and her Brother, bullied by her headmaster, can move things with her eyes, is incredibly smart, loves to read, wants revenge, etc... etc... BUT the added part with her visiting Mrs Phelps and telling her a story was just a really clever addition and drew me in. The light show while telling this story really looked amazing too.

Get your tickets from Mayflower website or the box office and enjoy every moment, it's worth every penny, desperate to take Brad now.
The show is full of surprises and, pay close attention to the story Matilda tells as it's a vital part of the storyline that will make your heart feel sad in a wonderfully clever way, because...

Once upon a time the two greatest circus performers in the world an escapologist who could escape from any lock that was ever invented and an acrobat who was so skilled it seemed as if she could actually fly fell in love and got married...

Photo not mine - Press sample

Photo not mine - Press sample

Photo not mine - Press sample

Photo not mine - Press sample

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