5 February 2019


Dear little Rufus,

Two months, two whole months, 9 weeks, 66 days since you were born when this will be published! How have so many days gone by? Everyday I fall more and more in love with you. It's that cliche thing really but it's true. I honestly cannot imagine life without you in it now. I love you a lot, I love snuggling you and I love waking up to you smiles and snuffling.

In the past two months we've had some struggles, you've struggled with your weight BUT hopefully were on track now and we'll soon find out if you have CMPA or if it's just a MASSIVE coincidence that the sickness has stopped, you now appear to be gaining weight and you're becoming more settled.

That aside you're hitting milestones now! You've got a super strong head! You only really like tummy time so this has helped a lot as you're really lifting your head off the ground now! You have even got a habit of moving from the play gym onto the rug! Strong boy, especially for a dinky dot.
You're smiling and cooing, even trying to giggle which melts my heart! You have the best open mouthed smile, I adore it and adore you.

My favourite thing is that you recognise my voice. You'll be cuddling Daddy or someone else and I'll talk and you instantly look for me and you stare at me from the other side of the room! You definitely know who your Mama is and I am sure i'm your favourite person in the world. You recognise Daddy's, Lucas' and Iris' voice too and you adore them, especially Iris, she spends a LOT of time going "Hello," "Hello Darling" or "Hello cheeky boy" at you and giving you kisses. You spend most of your time with Mama and Iris so I can see why.

You've also had playdates already and have already got five little baby friends! Joey, Arthur, Isabelle, Amelia and Dougie! You've even been to a playgroup with Isabelle AND a baby class with Joey! Last week you attended your first music bugs class with Joey. You both loved it and it was so lovely to have the 1:1 time with you. I couldn't believe how settled you were, with only a little feed mid class. You smiled at me and we sung songs and it was just lovely and you even got your first sticker too.

In your first two months of life its been so manic! You've celebrated your first Christmas, first new years eve, seen snow, been to Mummy's work twice, gone on adventures and just become the most happy baby.
In the next two months of your life you'll be celebrating Mummy's 26th Birthday AND the most exciting thing... DISNEYLAND! You'll be heading on your first plane and visiting the most magical place EVER! I am so excited to take you, even if you'll have no idea whats going on! Haha. You'll always have photos and videos to look back on though!

I've had the best two months with you Rufus! I can't wait for the rest of my life watching you grow up alongside your big Brother and big Sister!

I love you forever and always Moomin,

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