15 August 2018


Mrs Wordsmith? What is that? Well, Mrs Wordsmith is a monthly subscription service that helps your child learn and grow. I wanted to make sure Lucas learnt a little bit more before he started school but without too much pressure and especially with it being fun. Mrs Wordsmith seems to have captured that perfectly and with two boxes one aged 2-5 (social journey) and one 6-13 (narrative one) and they're the perfect, fun way to help your children learn. I love that Iris can join in on the learning too as even though she's under two, her speech is great and she loves learning and copying whatever Lucas is! I sometimes forget she is littler than she is because she is constantly copying EVERYTHING Lucas does and loses interest very quickly with things aimed for her age group.

The box contains the 'WORD OF THE DAY' activity book, this book includes twenty words and you have three activities to complete with each word. You have to get them to say it, trace it and pencils at the ready category where they have a fun activity to complete like colour in the picture, draw something you'd like to gobble and many more... you also have a stand to set up and the book gets hung on it to make it easier to see!
It also has word cards to see the words on and they're perfect size for little hands to hold and look at and also theirs also a picture book to read the story and encourage the questions from your children too.

The way they suggest you use it and how we have been using it is that you start with the picture book. We've been reading together at Lucas' pace and discussing it, talking about it, joking about it and considering this month includes eat words and hungry words (as well as others) and Lucas spends his day telling us how hungry he is, we have had a lot of jokes about this and Lucas has taken to this pack really well because he relates to being hungry!

We've then been using the activity pack and Lucas has LOVED learning and tracing the words, he has laughed and joked about the hungry words again and he likes the look of all the little activities too. He's really started to get into the colouring side of things and also asking questions about numbers and letters. He's a lot more confident in identifying numbers so identifying letters too is something i'm excited to focus on more too.

Finally I let Lucas play with the word cards, he enjoys playing the peek-a-boo game where I tell him to look at the picture and read the word aloud and then get him to remember the word as I cover it.
We have mostly been making stories out the words as Lucas has a new love for telling stories... they usually go "once upon a time, someone was playing and they got squashed and died" which I have no idea where he's learnt this from but we've been focusing on telling funny stories (where no one dies, gets squished or blows up) we have been telling stories like
"once upon a time, Lucas was hungry and he told his Mummy a thousand times until Mummy put him in the bin for the day"
This has been making us laugh a lot and it's a great learning technique and also encourages him to be creative and use his imagination too!

We're only a few days into the Mrs Wordsmith learning pack but Lucas is loving it and Iris has learnt to say some new words too, although listening to Iris yell "IRIS WANTS FOOD" over and over again is exhausting and soon she'll be saying "IRIS IS HUNGRY" i'm sure with all this learning.
Hopefully Lucas will learn more before he starts school but if he doesn't then that is okay and if he just learns a few new words to describe what he's doing or thinking at home then amazing.

*We have been been sent one month of the Mrs Wordsmith Social journey pack to try, all words, pictures and opinions are my own*

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