21 August 2018


Travelling has recently become something that Brad and I love, which i'm sure i've mentioned. I just find since fighting with my anxiety and feeling human again has made me realise not showing our children the beauties of the world would be such a shame. I've been thinking about our bucket list and it's not places we'll be visiting within the next two years as if we're going to do it I want the littles to remember it and I want money to not be a worry. There are many places we can visit in the meantime and next year we're likely to be taking the year off lots of travel plans as we need to save to move out of our home, which is a priority over travel.

These are the 5 places i'm desperate to visit at some point in my life and think it's really important to have these dreams and goals to work towards!

This is a no brainer really. I was sixteen on my first and last visit to Disney world and to go back with my Husband and our tribe is something we're aiming for. I want to go for my thirtieth, so five years away. I feel having a four (nearly five) year old, very nearly seven year old and a nine year old would make them the perfect ages, maybe the baby will be a little too young but with all the photographic memories and home video footage i'll capture, they'll forever have these memories. I want them all to be young enough to dress up as the characters and still find it so magical as there is that in between part between childhood and adulthood (teenage years) where kids can get a little grouchy on even the most magical trips like Disney.

Disney world is the top of our bucket list and I will never be able to express the love we have as a family for all things Disney. It truly is our biggest love (except family and friends) and even Brad is seen with tears in his eyes whilst in Disney!

Helsinki, Finland, what a beautiful (but expensive) place to visit! Helsinki is on our bucket list for more than one reason, we want to visit and explore Helsinki alone but we would have to go in February or August purely because that is when we could hop on a train to Naantali and visit the second most magical place on earth (Disney being number one of course) Moomin World. I just have to go. I have to experience Moomin World, I need to take photos with Little My, cuddle Moomin Mama and explore Moomin house. I just love everything Moomin, as you will know if you follow me regularly. This baby's nursery space is Moominfied. I just need to visit Moomin world and smell the scent of Moomin Mamas handmade pancakes and hear Snufkins harmonica.

In regards to Helsinki I want to experience their food, their architecture, the culture, the sights, the locals, everything. It's such a beautiful city and maybe we could even make the most of it by going from Helsinki to Naantali to Lapland, experiencing a lot of different parts of Finland.

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The blue sky and sea compliments those beautiful white buildings and is an Insta-dream! I feel like it's the one most beautiful places to visit. It would be best of both worlds for us too, the littles can have a beach day or two and we can also see the windmills over looking little venice, Delos and the Paraportiani church too. I would struggle with a beach only holiday but do love a day or so at the beach. I have to have some culture, some history and some Insta worthy shots! I am that person, it's the photographer in me.
Mykonos is just stunning and once the children can cope on a longer flight we will be heading off here.

Norway has recently been added to my list as since following more travel guides and blogs I have been noticing the most beautiful castles, fairytale inspiring architecture and just the most seriously stunning backdrops ever. Norway blows my mind. I haven't a clue where we'd visit when we go because honestly theres a million places I want to visit. From Akershus castle, Borgund Stave Church, the fairy house in Hunderfossen, the northern lights and i'd love to stay in a Fjord house.
It's so medieval, so fairytale, so beautiful and I haven't a clue where to start, all I know is I have to visit Norway, it's stunning.

Stockholm, like Helsinki, it was on our visiting list this year, we had hotels booked but sadly (not in a terribly sad way) we had to cancel. The positives of cancelling is we do get to meet our baby in December but Helsinki and Stockholm had to be cancelled, well postponed to a later date. We want to visit so many places in Stockholm and i'd have to order a pair of Lotta of Stockholm clogs in red. I'd be doing a purchase of little bird clothing for Iris, Lucas and the baby too as they'd look amazing being photographed in front of the colourful buildings in colourful clothes.
Our to do list included Junibacken, Megamind, the Abba museum, Skansen, Gronä Lund and the Swedish History museum for a few things. Stockholm also has beautiful buildings, amazing food and is up there on my places to visit. I just want to win the lottery.

I have a list as long as my arm of places I want to visit and I can't wait to visit them and make memories and watch the kids faces light up! I desperately want to go now! Someone, please let us go! I am so excited to explore the world with our tribe!

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