17 June 2018



How are we under six months away from having a third chid? I can't believe it, I know you can't either. It's crazy really. You've been a Daddy for four years, four father's days and so much has changed in that time. You've grown as a person and Dad and well, you've even become my husband!

You're honestly such a wonderful father and the littles are besotted by you. You're amazing and do everything right. The bedtime stories, the tickles, the belly laughs, the lot. You're the comedian, the nurse, the chef, the works. We're very lucky to have you, not all Dad's do as much as you and we're very even in what we do for the kids and that's appreciated so much.

Pregnancy has been difficult for me, all four times there's always something and thankfully *touch wood* the three successful pregnancies we've had, have all been really lucky to have healthy babies but just ones that give me pain. Thankfully, in these circumstances you've always been amazing, stepped up more than usual and helped me, guided me and you support me when I need it mentally and physically. 

You're such a hands on Dad and Lucas and Iris think you're the best thing since sliced bread and this baby is going to love just the same and I am so eagerly awaiting the kicks and when you can feel them too. When the bump gets big enough for you to cuddle and kiss and when we can watch the bump grow together again, and watch them move around and hear the heartbeat and see them wiggling on the screen. 

Thank you for all that you do for me, Lucas, Iris and the tiny moomin bump and we love you so much.

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