19 March 2018


I can't believe that we're here in March and we're surrounded by snow again! It's absolutely ridiculous really and now that i've got some snow pictures, made memories with the kids in the snow, i'm a little bit bored of it all now. I want Spring to arrive, I want to take photos of my children in the flowers and in spring clothes, I want to start spring photoshoots and right now it's just too cold and the flowers aren't even growing. I haven't even seen any daffodils yet - except the ones in Tesco.

Now, I love snow pictures, I think they make some of the nicest, everywhere looks nice and pretty and the snow covers all the trash and dirtiness everywhere but at the same time the littles are cold, the rabbit is in the house making a mess because it's too cold outside for her and she'll never cope and i'm constantly worried my pipes will freeze.
I'm also quite ready to ditch the coats and replace with cute cardigans and hoodies.

This isn't a moan about the snow post, although it may seem it, it's purely a I want Spring. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons and if we had this weather a few months ago I would probably be more welcoming of it and willing for it to stay around a bit longer. It's also confusing Lucas, I keep telling him we're in Spring but he's like "It's not meant to snow in Spring, it's meant to rain and be sunny" and I'm like "I KNOW KIDDO, I KNOW"

That being said, I cannot change the weather so instead of complaining, i'll go embracing and taking cute pictures of the littles.



Shoes | EBAY | £4.99
Hat | ZARA | £6.99 - (not the actual one as it's old but this is the same style as Lucas')
Scarf | Heritage of Scotland | £8.99
Hoody | River Island Mini | £14
Jacket | River Island Mini | £22
Jeans | ZARA | £10.99 - (not the same colour but same pair as Lucas' are SS17)
Mittens | PRIMARK


Headband | Jack Wills | - Brad shrunk my Knitted headband so now it's Iris'
Scarf | Love Indy
Coat | Monsoon | £21.50 - not the same one as not sold anymore.
Leggings | NEXT | £3.50
Shoes | Ebay | £4.99
Socks | NEXT | £3