1 February 2018


After breakfast with my Nan on Friday, we had to wait a while until we could view a flat (it wasn't the one) so we FINALLY headed to block party in Bitterne and it was amazing! We even left paying a deposit for Lucas' fourth birthday party in June! It is only £4 entry and You can enjoy a cup of coffee or food whilst your children play! BONUS. 

I loved the soft play area for Iris and the duplo section, which I didn't think Lucas would be that interested in as there was so much lego and he has lots of duplo at home but he was so excited by all the duplo. He was excited mostly that they had some of the sets he has at home. He was building towers and finding all the duplo vehicles!

The block party cafe is a lot bigger than I expected and the cafe does hot and cold food and although we didn't have time to eat I did see someone eating a burger and it looked amazing!!
We did have coffee and it was amazing, and it came in a lego face mug, which is amazing!

Overall the kids had a great time and were super excited we will be back before but excited for Lucas' birthday party! I can't wait for Lucas to invite his forest school friends but it's bittersweet as he'll be not long off leaving for big school.
Block party is amazing and its so cheap and fun!