18 January 2018


This week we had a playdate with Iris' little best friends. Rewind back over a year and a half ago and these little beans were all snuggled up in our tummies and bobbing around whilst all us Mum's worked together. I always imagined what it would be like fast forwarding to when they all could toddle around and play together and now we're here it's super bittersweet.
Don't get me wrong I love watching them play together, it's really sweet but I then can't believe they're so grown up.

I apologise firstly for the quality of these photos, the girls room was dark and my lens needed a little fixing (Thank you super duper glue) so it caught me off guard. That being said the girls are far too cute to delete them and I need to remind myself that not every picture I take has to always be top notch, it's just about capturing those candid moments really.

These three (and Lucas and Kelsey) will grow up to be massive Disney fans because their parents are pretty big fans, so it was no surprise that the girls got Disney costumes for their birthdays or Christmas presents.
My heart melted watching them all toddle or crawl around in this Disney dresses and just playing together and enjoying each others company. These girlies have grown together and will hopefully continue to grow together for years and years to come (hopefully forever).

Iris was Snow White, Olivia was Cinderella and Kaley was Minnie Mouse and they just have such different personalities and characters but they do love each other - Unless there is food involved.

These girlies truly are such a wonderful trio and I am so glad and feel so lucky to have them in mine and Iris' lives (and Lucas') I can't wait until I can hear them chatting to each other and playing together and pulling Disney dress after Disney dress out of the box and fighting over who will be Rapunzel or Belle that time. The Disney days I feel we'll have memories of as these guys get older are going to be the best. 

I am one lucky Mama and Iris is one lucky little girl to have best friends like Liv and Kaley and Aunties like Lou and Heather.
Here's to more Disney days and more memories too.

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