4 January 2018


Something I see on youtube, as I am sure any of you that watch youtube do too is 'DITL' vlogs. I always love watching them and I have decided to start a weekly series on my blog of 'our candid days.' It will be a day in the life series but in photographs and please link up if you want to! It will change every week, adventures, lazy days, play dates, ect... A new candid day every week.

Our day started off with pyjama play, book reading and making a complete mess. We drank pretend cups of tea, cut play food and Iris used her hand as a phone. We giggled and cuddled and the kids had the best smiles on their face.
Playing with the kids together can be tough as they do both want your attention at all time but don't always want to play together.

We spent the day playing with friends, dressing up, seeing friends and playing with the Disney castle.
Days like today that are lazy, calm and are all about bonding is the best. My kids adore playing together and playing with me, so it's important to find that balance. Now Brad and I both work nights there is a lot more time for me to pick up my laptop and work so this means there is more time for me and the kids to play 1:1 and on Brad and I's only night off together a week we can spend it doing something together, watching a film, chatting, cuddling and being a couple without a laptop in front of me.

We're making the most of our days with the kids and capturing the moments and making the memories. We're really trying hard to get out the house and go for a walk at least once a week together and actually spending time with the kids more together. Family is so important to us and playing with the kids today was something so small to most but it made my heart feel whole.

I love being a Mum and I am so lucky.