15 December 2017


This is our final part on the day to day posts. I tend to shy away from the camera A LOT as I have gained a lot of weight since having the kids and since having Iris, she's ruined my bod along with her big brother but it's all worth it but because of that I shy away from the camera. I spend a lot of time comparing myself to my Mum friends and other Mum's on Insta and it makes me feel a bit rubbish to say the least. I decided that even if I felt rubbish looking back that I would get in front of the camera in Disney as my kids don't care whether I'm fat or thin as long as i'm around and making memories for them for the future to look back on.

Our third and final full day was our first and last day in the Studios, I tend to find there isn't that much to do in the studios and it's the easiest one to finish in a day. We always head towards Disney Jr live and Stitch live as well as a few character meets. We got in the que for Goofy when we first arrived and had our photo pass photos taken and Lucas' book signed and then went to que for Minnie Mouse but was told it was a 2 hour wait! TWO HOURS. Disney please get a better system for those big characters it's too much for the kids. Disney are currently trialling an app system for the Spiderman meet-and-greet and it worked really well so recommend Disney to take that on board for Minnie, Mickey, ect... as they're the most popular.

Lucas is very much into cars and toy story so having those bits in the studios was really great. Lucas got to have a photo with Lightening McQueen and the Buzz statue and he was in his element and just loved it all. We rode on Aladdin's magic carpet ride and the cars ride and he just loved them so much. He's also a Monsters Inc fan so the photo opportunity in front of Boo's door is a great one too.
There are a lot of photo opportunities in the studios with props which is one of the best parts of the studios.

We got super lucky and as we headed around the shops in the rain we walked out to find a bunch of characters had arrived for photos. We got to meet Donald Duck and Mr Smee! Lucas was super happy - even if we woke him up from his nap.

We were gutted as we got to watch Mickey's christmas sing along on stage but missed the Hollywood tower of terror christmas show at park closing due to the rain being so heavy and it just not being an enjoyable experience. It does look amazing though.

Finally, on our final Morning in Disney we went to the main park again after dropping our bags off to the bag drop in our hotel.
We headed in and went to see how long the que was to meet Santa to be advised it was another TWO HOUR WAIT!! TWO HOURS. I just cannot cope. I would definitely recommend the App again Disney.
We headed to the bakery on main street for a doughnut and a coffee and then went to the sweet shop for candy-floss afterwards.

We visited to Dragon under the castle again for Lucas, watched the christmas parade twice, met Marie and then headed for a happy meal before heading home.
The feeling of walking out of Disney for the last time is something you cannot explain. It's so depressing and your heart aches so much. Maybe thats just me but it makes me feel so unbelievably gutted. I just truly love it there. Eye bags growing or not.

We finally arrived home at 10pm after 7 hours of travelling home and an awful Eurostar experience which I will leave there until I have contacted them myself this week.
Our Family-moon is over and i'm so sad but the memories are still here and I am so happy. Weirdly, I currently have no christmas spirit but hopefully it comes back soon.

I still have two more Disney posts to go live regarding our character dining. Don't forget to watch the vlogs too!

*Any image with a Marvel or Disney stamp in the corner is a Disney photopass image and is not mine. All other images belong to me and were taken by myself.*