9 July 2017


When moving Iris out of the snuzpod and into her own room a lot of things worried me. I was worried about Lucas hurting her and climbing in her cot and I was worried about her disturbing Lucas.
This is when I realised I was desperate for a baby monitor that I could watch Iris on, but also one that isn't Wifi dependant as I was put off by horror stories.

I was so excited to discover Summer Infant's baby monitor and had to try it.

Since Iris turned 7 months old she's been in what is now Lucas and Iris' room. Since then Lucas has decided to hop in the cot in the mornings when she wakes up and give her toys and even chuck his duvet in there so they can "hide" together. Now 90% of the time they play together really nicely in there. They play with her soft blocks and he usually plays boo with her and makes her laugh. This is something that I had to stop for a while if I wasn't in the room to check he wasn't hurting her. 

I love that now if she wakes up from a nap or in the morning and Lucas climbs in the cot and i'm working at my desk or on the bed or even tidying the bathroom. I can keep an eye on them and check everyone is safe and playing nicely.

I have become one of those crazy Mum's who sits and just watches the baby monitor at night and watches her sleep. The little blue night light is great as it makes it clearer to watch and Iris finds it really settling. 
I also love that the monitor has the temperature on it too as in this crazy Summer heat we're having I worry about the kids so I can see the temperature and know I can remove layers. 

I always find moving kids into their own room really nerve wracking anyway but to put them in with another child is scary.
I have to say that having a video baby monitor is such a huge lifesaver and I am so happy I have one. I love watching the kids, love that I can zoom in and check on Iris and love that I can even chat back to Lucas and Iris on the monitor too. Which is great when they start fighting. 
Iris screams at him and he screams back and it's constant until I press the button and tell them to pack it in. KIDS! 

It RRP's for £129.99 and is worth every penny. 

*I was gifted the Summer Infant baby monitor in return for an honest blog post. All words and opinions are my own*