19 July 2017


This is my little Iris. She's been breastfeeding for nearly 9 months and it's been a hard journey but one i'm really proud to have been on.
We had a super rough time at the beginning of our journey but things got better and it got easier but there are things that people don't tell you about when it comes to breastfeeding and people don't talk about. So, I'm here to talk about it.

1. YOU STINK OF BREASTMILK - Now, I  have no answer for this. I don't even leak anymore, yet I CAN ALWAYS SMELL BREASTMILK. Why? I hate it, I constantly can smell it on myself and I'm paranoid others can too. Please tell me I'm not alone in this? Do I sound mad?

2. YOU CAN SQUIRT MILK FROM NUMEROUS PARTS OF YOUR NIPPLE AT THE SAME TIME - This is usually at the beginning stages when your boobs are getting used to how much milk you'll need. Imagine this, you jump in the shower, you're washing your face and then bam, you look down and your nipple is squirting milk like Katy Perry in the California girls video. It's shooting north, south, east and west. Absolutely crazy. You can get baby in the eye at times too.

3. YOUR BOOBS GROW THROUGHOUT THE DAY - I can start work in the morning, around 8am, about a C/D cup an by the time I get to pump around 5, I'm popping out of my clothes and I'm more like Pamela Anderson and a G/H cup. It's like I get an already unwanted boob job throughout the day.

4. YOU CANNOT HUG YOUR CHILD - You cannot hug the breastfed child without them pulling at your clothes trying to get to the boob. Like why? Stop it child. Just hug me an stop assuming I'm a fridge.

5. THEY TWIDDLE YOUR NIPPLES - Yes, you'll be chilling out feeding in the bath and next thing you have a baby eating on one side and they're pulling at your other nip or, you're feeding and they unlatch look at you, look at the boob and try and pull your nipple off. Hey kid it needs to be attached to my body to produce the milk.

So, that's my five things. Let me know if you have any to add! I'd love to hear. I always find this sort of thing that everyone has their own to add and it's funny to hear others takes on it.