29 May 2017


I cannot get my head around it, I cannot get my head around how fast the time is going. It feels like only yesterday you were in my stomach. This tiny innocent baby unknowing of life outside the womb. Well Lucas you're nearly three years earth side and I'm thankful that even though there is horrific things happening all over the world and horrible, wicked people on this planet that you're still innocent and oblivious to it all. 

Three years ago I was heavily pregnant, unknowing myself of what was to come. What was it going to be like being a Mum, Mama, Mother, Mummy? I have discovered I'm more of a 'Mombie' nowadays though. 

Becoming your Mum three years ago was utter magical. You impatiently came into the world at 36 weeks but you were so ready and so was I. I fell in love with you the moment you were placed in my arms. It was a bumpy first year of your life as I suffered with post-natal depression. It was something I never spoke about out loud but I struggled, I suffered and it made me feel terrible. Thankfully, we're better off now.

In these three years of your life you've become so incredibly intelligent. You've grown from a sweet little baby, to a cute toddler to a handsome little boy. It feels wrong calling you a toddler now. Your speech is remarkable, when I compare you to other three year olds and even three and a half year olds I feel so proud that you're so advanced in comparison. You're such a chatterbox though, I wonder where you got that from? I'm blaming Nanna.

In these three years of your life you've made some incredible best friends. You have Poppy, Henry, Isla and Frankie. You grew with Frankie. You both grew in mine and Catherine's tummies at the same time and we're due two weeks apart and both decided to come early meaning you were both born two weeks apart. You spend your life surrounded by these four littles and you love each one dearly. You're also lucky to have your Sister's best friends in your life too. I love watching you play and grow with them. Learning from each other and creating memories and hopefully life long friends too.

In these three years of your life you've created wonderful bonds with family members. Mummy and Daddy, Iris and Nanna. When asked who you love the most you simply answer with Nanna or Iris. You wake up in the morning and ask to call Nanna, you ask to see Nanna and you want to get 'tinder eggs' (kinder eggs) with Nanna. It's rather sweet but I think you prefer Nanna to Mummy and Daddy.

In these three years of your life you've become a big brother. You went from the only child and the centre of attention to having to share your time and becoming a role model. You have kicked that and are seriously amazing. She adores you, she looks up to you and I'm proud of what you've become. You're truly the best bro ever.

In these three years of your life you've been on many adventures, you've left the country once too. We visited Disneyland Paris, you met your idol Mickey Mouse You've done so much, you've visited farms, zoos, cinemas, parks, woods, theme parks, beaches, theatres and done so much more. One day you'll see more of the world but for now we're staying on British soil. We're visiting Disneyland again later this year for Mummy and Daddy's honeymoon so you do have that to look forward to.

In these three years of your life you've become my best friend, you've grown up so much and I truly am blessed to call you my son.

The next three years of your life are going to be massive. You start Forest school in September and I just know you're going to be in your element. You'll see your Mummy and Daddy get married in November and have celebrate your fourth christmas this year too after visiting Disneyland Paris.
You start school the following September and we're planning another holiday before then too.

I don't know what else the next three years of your life holds, a new sibling? a massive holiday? a new bedroom in a new house? school trips? I don't know we'll see.
Thank you for the best three years earthside and I cant wait to spend many many more with you watching you grow.

I love you forever Lucas. 5 days until you're Three, my not so baby Boy!