12 February 2017


Valentine's day is one of those days I love and hate. I love that it means we get to do cheesy things but also hate that we feel like we have to do cheesy things.
One of my favourite things to do is a cheesy photoshoot with the littles. I love smothering Lucas in kisses and, this year, dressing Iris is heart covered clothes.

Brad and I are "celebrating" Valentine's day today. We've done cute little gifts and cards and we're off out for dinner and the cinema this evening. For Christmas we were gifted Frankie and Benny's vouchers and an Odeon gift card - purely for a date night. We decided to hold off until tonight to use them and to use them for Valentine's day.

Brad's working on Tuesday and every where gets extra busy and more expensive on actual Valentine's day too, so we're making today our Valentines.
I bought Brad a mug that had a sloth on it and said "Lets hang out" and he got me some little Valentine's candles. It's a sentiment and token gift. We're not about extravagant, not even on birthdays, we're about thought. That's just us.

Brad and I met just over 5 years ago now and it's truly been amazing. There has been three homes, three pregnancies, two children, an engagement, a trip to Disneyland, wedding plans and so much more. This year I take a huge step, I'm officially becoming Mrs Nicole Walters. I've not wrote it down before, not until I wrote it in Brad's Valentine's day card this morning. It's strange. I thought i'd find it weirder than I do written down. I still can't believe i'm getting married this year.

Taking a step away from Valentines, can we just stare at how adorable my children are.
Happy Valentine's day!

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