14 January 2017


Raising a boy is delightful, i'd always wanted a girl, but I was also hoping and expected to have little boys. Lots of little boys.
The moment Lucas was born, the moment I first laid my eyes on him I just knew, I just knew he would be my best friend. Thats cliche, and something everyone says about their kids, but looking at Lucas I just knew we'd create this magical bond; and we did.

After having Iris, my bond with Lucas subsided. Lucas wanted nothing to do with me for a while, it was all daddy, daddy, daddy. This wasn't helped by Iris' cluster feeding and clinginess to me. When she was really little I didn't feel right put her down, because as soon as she cried, I knew that as a newborn, she just needed her mummy. So sadly this impacted on mine and Lucas' relationship; which I expected.

Since January and Lucas' behaviour improving we have spent a lot more time together. We've built the bond back up, and even stronger than before. We spend at least 1 hour a day having one to one time together when Iris is asleep, and then playing with her near during the rest of the day as we were before. I think he is understanding that nothing is changing and that he is just as important as Iris to me.

Lucas is at the age now where we can have a conversation, he understands how to play in a certain way, and that makes it a lot more fun to play now. We play as doctors, nurses, cooks, and other role play scenarios.
Lucas is being raised to be who he wants and to chose what and who he wants around him. So when he turns round and says "mummy is my best friend" nothing makes me happier.
I cannot believe that he loves me that much. It may be such a small thing, but when your little has picked up from tv and real life about friends and best friends, and he thinks i'm his best friend, that makes me feel so special.

He is my best friend for sure. He is loving, caring, sweet, full of charm and just wonderful. He is everything I want from a best friend.

Motherhood is all I could ever have imagined. I'm raising my best friend, about to marry another, and i've just grown and have started raising the other.