27 October 2016


Finding things to do when you can barely walk to the toilet and back is really difficult, so finding things to amuse Lucas from around the house and that's not just the same old, same old, is really difficult. Luckily we went pumpkin picking and had this lovely big pumpkin and in all honesty nothing to do with it so thought what a wonderful thing it would be to allow Lucas to get creative and to paint it.

He is a very creative little soul, and also adores nature, so painting with food, sticks, leaves and pinecones, ect... is so much fun for him. It also makes me feel really satisfied seeing how happy this sort of thing makes him. You underestimate how much fun, just painting a pumpkin is to a toddler.

Lucas really needs some more paints as we've had these same 3 colours, since his first christmas 2 years ago and have never extended our paint collection, as until he joined nursery, last year, he hated getting his hands and body dirty. He still does to an extent, but he is a lot better now and will get mucky, you just have to clean him up pretty quickly.

I also forget that painting is really good for their gross motor skills and for their development. I used to work in a nursery before falling pregnant with Lucas, and always forget that painting, crafting, baking and even role play are key in a child's development. Although even just playing with a car is too. These are more fun ways to let a child let out their creativity.

This was the first time Lucas really seemed to enjoy painting, he was talking to his pumpkin, hugging his pumpkin, and using the paintbrush really well too. He was swirling the brush, brushing it back and forth, focusing on the parts he missed and wanting to paint the stalk (i think thats a stalk.)

He then noticed that he had got a bit mucky and wasn't impressed but either way it made me giggle, his little sad face.

Pumpkin painting was a hit with Lucas! Have you painted any pumpkins?

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