24 October 2016


So I wrote this back after I had Lucas, but i've added to it and changed it up a little. So i'm so excited to have these symptoms again and more once our little lady finally arrives. I don't feel like she's ever coming out at the moment. I think she's cosy and warm and knows all about people like Donald trump and Isis and feels like she's better off staying put inside.
I cannot say I blame her, but we would really like to meet her too.

  1. Discharge “no one said it’s all rosy”After the horrid blood loss stops, you think bonus! no longer need to wear a pad, so wrong!  You find yourself still wearing a pad as you loose discharge. “I would suggest if it’s smelly or a funny colour, to visit a doctor”
  2. Phantom Kicks “Is there still a baby in there?" Most mummy’s will experience this, but most will not talk about (I know i didn’t) They’re like little flutters and kicks in the womb, just like mid pregnancy, when they’re really subtle. There’s no confirmed reasons but there are two theories.The first is the uterus is still contracting, as it takes a while to settle after birth. The second is that because you've experienced these feelings whilst pregnant, you now place these flutters with the ones you had whilst pregnant. You could of had these exact same sensations before pregnancy but not even realised or thought about it, but now you link them to baby movements.
  3. You have bigger feet & hands "I need new shoes and rings” Due to hormone changes and water retention, you probably found your hands and feet ballooned during late stages of pregnancy, or if you’re like me your calfs, face and well everything ballooned.You now find even a couple of months after pregnancy, you still can’t fit into your old shoes properly or you find putting your rings back on is more of a struggle and my gosh they’re tight. 
  4. Food loves and hates change “I used to have 2 sugars in tea, now I have none”
    Your tastebuds have completely changed, things you craved during pregnancy you can no longer stand, things you went off during pregnancy you can also no longer stand. I personally want to eat healthy food constantly and home cooked food from scratch, i’ve turned into a little housewife.
  5. Periods after birth “I don’t remember them like this?”The length, the heaviness, how many days between periods, it all can change. Even the cramps can either improve or be worse. I suppose it’s because your body is getting back to normal after going so long with out one and is dealing with all the changes. Sooner or later everything should hopefully start going back to normal again, but will probably not be the same as before.
  6. A different size and shape “I still cant fit in my old bras”Some ribcages expand, hips are not the same! You gain weight during pregnancy, even if you eat exactly the same as before ect… but even then you find that you don’t put on weight on just tummy. Many woman are not just bump. legs, waist, face, feet, hands, thighs and arms. Basically every part of you! Unfortunately it’s very rare to go back to your old body. Embrace your new one, you wouldn’t have your little one without the changes.
  7. Weeing when you sneeze, cough or laugh “Bloody waterfall”This is so common in late pregnancy it normally improves after birth, there is possibility you will never regain full bladder control. No one will admit it out of ‘embarrassment’ it’s so common and slightly annoying. (I remember every time i’d go to my mums and we’d sit round the dinner table, my brother mostly would make me laugh so much, that i’d wee slightly. It was horrible, but i’m lucky and it doesn’t happen now, only occasionally if i sneeze suddenly.
  8. Receding hairline "Wheres my hair going?" Why do I seem to be receding at the hairline? Why is it I wake up like a cat in a ball of my own hair? No one said anything about hair falling out? This really isn't a fun postpartum symptom.
  9. Bags for life "Concealer is my best friend" So everyone comments on how exhausted your partner is looking, but little do they know that under the layers of foundation and concealer, there are bags for life and you're just feeling really lucky that you're a female and wear make up most days. You thought the sleepless nights at the end of your pregnancy were hard but a newborn is even more exhausting.
I am so looking forward to the post partum changes again this time... especially with a toddler in tow. Wish me luck.
The picture has no relevance but it was too cute not to share.

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