17 September 2016


Yesterday I posted what was in Iris' hospital bag, so as promised here's what's in mine. It's not as exciting and I wont be posting absolutely everything that's in mine but will write a list of things that aren't photographed so you know whats in mine.

Packing mine was less fun, but I certainly haven't packed anywhere near as much as I did last time and thats due to my VBAC, so hopefully I don't end up with a c-section and regret not bringing more with me. 
Not photographed or officially packed is Brad's clothes, which consist of grey jogging bottoms and a comfty top, as if I labour for hours and hours, Brad's got comfty clothes on, and I have got a pair of 
- Navy jogging bottoms, as they're comfortable and dark coloured, as last time I walked into labour ward in grey bottoms, my waters had broke and they turned from light grey to dark grey and I had to waddle down the corridor dripping waters, obviously with soaking trousers. I wont be making that mistake again.
- A vest top as it will keep me cool and I can labour at home in it, as its so hot in our house.  
- A grey dressing gown all from New look to wear into the hospital when I go into labour too as it will keep me warm and cosy and saves me trying to squeeze it into a hospital bag or bring a coat if its cold or the middle of the night. Practical I am.
This is all ready to go just sat next to our bags. 
It's getting so close to due date now that it's all a little exciting and terrifying at the same time.

So first things first is my wash bag, everything is in different little compartments. My wash bag has 4 different compartments and it means I can separate certain things.
In the first compartment I have a toothbrush from Boots, a travel sized boots own toothpaste, a pack of trusty Kleenex from poundland and face wipes from Boots too.

Then in another compartment we have the easy leaking things on boots 3 for 2. They're all travel sized too. Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. All easy to keep and will be thrown away on leaving as they'll be empty. It always costs a little extra for travel sized items but it is worth it for connivence.

In the third compartment it's my "mummy goodies" All things to help after labour and during labour.
- Breast pads are washable and from Boots. You get 6 in a pack and I prefer that they're reusable.
- Extra sensitive wash block is from Nathalie Bond organics. This is going to be great for my lady area for when it's horrible and sore, I can't imagine using the original source Lemon shower gel on it...
- Lansinoh nipple cream from boots. Heard great things about this cream and excited to try it. I hated that when I used cheap nipple cream with Lucas, I had to wipe it off before each feed which just added to my soreness and with this one you don't have to do that so that's great.
- Bump balm is from Sheffield skin company . This smells delightful and think it will be great for Brad to massage into my back and hips during labour and also to rub into my tummy after birth too.
- Lip balm is from the mummy bee collection at beefayre. It's lavender and bergamot and so soothing and moisturising and the scents are really relaxing.

In the last compartment is all my smellies and washcloths, ect...
Not photographed is a pack of hair ties, a hair brush and two black flannels from primark. I have two one for my body and face and for cooling down in labour and the other is for my lady area. I don't want to be washing my face with the same flannel.
I have a travel sized deodorant from boots, a Zoella body mist from superdrug and a milton hand gel from boots.

Then finally just some maternity pads, i'm bringing one pack as I don't know what my bleeding will be like after a natural birth, it was okay after my section really. They don't fit in the wash bag so are just sat at the bottom of my hospital bag.

I then have a maternity bra in black and pink, both from New look in a set, and some really attractive big black pants for after delivery from Primark. Pregnancy and birth are so glamorous aren't they.

Other things not photographed clothing wise is my "going home outfit" which is basically a vest top, jumper and a pair of black maternity leggings. I don't really care how I go home as long as i'm warm, comfty and clean, so I haven't really thought much of a going home outfit for myself as such. I also have packed a pair of grey joggers and another vest top for keeping comfty if I have to stay in, all the clothes are from New look. As you can tell i've gone with comfty bottoms and strappy vest tops as they're easy for breastfeeding.

I also have packed my old, pretty dirty slippers, which i'm planning on throwing away once I get home. I just wanted something easy to slip on my feet for going to and from the toilet and I didn't want a new pair as hospital floors aren't the nicest.

Finally I have two pairs of pyjamas. The stripey shirt dress, is a pyjama one from Primark for £8, I love the fact that I went into hospital wearing one of those with Lucas in blue polka dot and wanted to wear one during labour. I wanted something that would hide my bum but mean I don't need to wear pants if my waters have gone or I feel really uncomfortable. I'm hoping I can give birth in this, instead of a hospital gown this time.

I then have these cute navy, bunny pyjamas to get into the night after I have her for bed, or the night I have her, depending what time she's born they're from NEXT, and they're so soft, they pull up over my bump so know they'll pull up over my post baby bump too. They're dark for any accidents and just so cosy and comfortable.

Finally I need to add in my hospital notes last minute, we have tracker bars already packed in the bag, I want to add some fruit and finally some straws and Lucozade sports for during labour. I may not fancy eating but will need to drink and have heard straws for laying down sipping water and lucozade sports are key and also I may need a pick me up and a tracker bar seems like an easy snack option.

I also need to add in my chargers, my camera, my tripod (clearly a photographer birth), and I will need to grab my wireless headphones fully charged, but will be using those whilst I labour at home for hypno birthing and if the labour suite I will be going into doesn't have a birthing ball in it, i'll be deflating mine and repumping it up when I get to the hospital so will be bringing that and the pump all depending.

The bag is a holdall of brad's, it's just easy and big enough to fit everything in and i'm all packed. We have Lucas' bags packed, my mum and nan now have spare keys cut and everything is getting cleaned around the house and it's basically nearly Go time. Scary but very exciting.

There will be a vlog of this up soon, keep an eye out on my twitter, facebook page and instagram if you're not subscribed to my youtube channel or don't have a youtube account to subscribe to me. ALSO!! Follow us (links are on the words above) so you don't miss out when we finally announce her birth... It will probably take a while to update my blog with her little face.

Have I missed anything important? Let me know!
If not then I hope this and her hospital bag (Click here to read it) has helped and inspired you in what to pack if you're packing a bag too. Good luck to you also.
Thank you,