15 September 2016


With only weeks to go, literally anything between two to eight weeks VERY maximum, and we'll be welcoming our newborn daughter into the world, it really is dawning on me how much we need to be making the most of our time together. Making sure Lucas has some wonderful memories in photo and video form for him to look back on when he's older. A way for him to look back and see how hard we tried to make his last month before transitioning to a big brother special.

I think of all the cute photos that'll happen over the autumn months and cute little days out we can capture on video too.
I then remember that although they'll be lot of photos still of Lucas on his own, they'll also be sibling photos and as Iris gets older she'll be in the background or wanting to be in the photos with her big brother as i'm sure she's going to adore him and totally look up to him.
I also think of the fact that we'll rarely take a family photo, Lucas, Brad and myself, as that will no longer be our family, Iris will be our family too and our family photos will include four. At the moment I have a phone or camera constantly attached to my hand snapping and filming everything in a bid to make sure I don't miss anything and have a bunch of memories for Lucas, and for Brad and I to look back on, our pre-Iris life, we'll look at these photos the same way we look back on our Bestival memories, and days as a two, pre-Lucas too.

This month has involved occasional hospital trips, scan and consultant appointments and midwife appointments, but in between those and feeling poorly, I have tried to find things to do for Lucas.
Be it days out, walks, jumping on the bus (He is obsessed with the bus), coffee dates with my mum, playing in the garden and even just sitting on the floor surrounded by fake food or trains. Just one on one bonding time and also family time.
I think sometimes we take for granted that although to us we're just playing with them like any parent does, we're actually usually totally and utterly making their day. You end up lost in the moment of eating fake toast and cheersing the same cup of tea, thats either gone cold or has been empty for well over an hour and you're still waiting for the 'cafe' staff member who is clearly manic, and a little rude to top up your cuppa. I mean having a slice of toast shoved in your face and just having "TOAST" yelled at you, isn't exactly fantastic customer service, I mean is this cafe run by a toddler?
I also find a toy train on a plate isn't exactly 5* dining either, but I don't complain, I eat my train and say "Thank you very much."

I've mentioned numerous times how much of an adventurer Lucas is and also how much I love autumn walks, so yesterday was perfect. My nan picked us up in the afternoon and we headed to Itchen Valley country park on Allington Lane in Southampton and grabbed a coffee and a slice of carrot cake, which was delicious, and watched Lucas run around the park, before joining him and being made to sit on the boat whilst he drove it.
We decided to let him run off some energy and followed the little nature trail, on the way back to the car. It's not too far to walk and it has so many little pit stops for pregnant ol' me. Although I do just follow behind a lot slower now with a camera strapped to my hand, Whilst my nan, who has so much more energy than me, runs alongside Lucas and helps him on all the little play equipment stops.
She loves it, I love watching him and I get to capture candid photos as well as some posey ones.

I love watching Lucas run around, picking up leaves, sticks, pine cones and finding all the little climbing frames. He's great at naming animals and insects so it's so cute to hear him yell "FROG" at the frog climbing frame and things. He also found the shadows of the trees really fun and interesting, which I always find so cute. I love how much he loves shadows and finds them fascinating and tries to make "birdies" with his hands on the floor. I also think it's great for their development when they're exploring, getting messy, mucky and dirty. I love chucking on his little boots, and stomping through the woods finding all the things that have fallen off of the trees and as Autumn creeps more in I just know it's going to be so much more fun, so much more beautiful and the photos of him are going to have a beautiful natural backdrop.

I loved yesterday afternoon and although I suffered more than usual with cramping and things last night, hearing Lucas say "best day ever" in his own weird little way was cute and made it so worth while. Nothing beats a happy child who's going to bed feeling content and happy with their day and knowing that you are one of the reasons he's going to bed so happy. Nothing beats that at all. It put me in a wonderful mood and pushed away some of the guilt i'd been carrying from feeling the effects of being 34 weeks pregnant, with a baby girl who's been engaged since 32 weeks, and other factors that have been making parenting a toddler thats full of bundles of energy constantly, a lot harder job than usual. I have been trying my best to continue with everyday and make it as special for him as possible, so to see how happy he was yesterday made it absolutely worth while and worth all the aches and pains that came with it.

Capturing memories and making the most of our time together is something I really thrive on. I also think about this for all our family life. I think of the fact that they'll be a video put together of Iris arriving into the world, the moment Lucas walks in to that hospital room and meets his little sister for the first time, and the moment he gets his first present from his sister too. Little things that make me wish i'd started youtube earlier as we have photos but no videos and I struggle to remember parts of Lucas' c-section. I think thats the beauty of blogging and vlogging and it's one of the main reasons why we do it. We capture and document little memories and it's something that I look forward to sharing with my children when they're old enough.

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