10 December 2015


Ever since Lucas was a month old or so, we've had a Ewan, he has literally been a god send, and we've always had the purple Ewan. 

Ewan has always been a huge favourite of ours and when we saw he was in grey, i got so, so, sooo excited. I am a huge grey lover, and he literally is the cutest colour EVER.

So Ewan is such a soft, little sheep, with the cutest face. With Moons for eyes, and ears big enough for children to hold.

He's got a little velcro strap to attach to either the cot side, a car seat, the pram, or even the child's wrist (obviously not recommended at night)

Ewan has this adorable pink glow, when you press one of his feet, this helps soothe your little one to sleep. 
Ewan has four different sounds, which turn themselves off after 20 minutes. 
The first is meant to resemble the sound of a heartbeat from inside, the second is the heartbeat and the sound of a hoover, the third being a heartbeat, and sounds of the womb, and lastly it's a lullaby.

As Lucas has got older, we now usually only use the lullaby, he loves it, and it really is soothing. When he was younger, he adored all of them, especially the heartbeat and sounds of the womb.

Lucas was so excited when I bought home his new Ewan, that I clicked and collected from John Lewis, he ran up and attacked the box! He kept giving him kisses and cuddling him, it's adorable and we wouldn't/couldn't be without him.

Ewan, doesn't have a 100% positive review sadly, as this has to be our 4th Ewan? Ewan, has had the tendency to break, we've found we usually lose the use of one foot.
Although that being said, we love him that much we have exchanged him every time. This time we decided to go to the grey one, he's new and hopefully will be made better!
We love Ewan, and would guarantee that you and your little one will fall head over heels with him. 

Don't let the fact ours have broken put you off, John Lewis are incredible with exchanges, as are the creators of Ewan, so they will always assist you and I know they have made them a lot better and have worked hard to fix the issues and have highlighted the problems, according to the staff in John Lewis.

We think every little should have a Ewan, yes it's a little pricey at £29.95 but it's a great gift, and one to put on a registry when you're pregnant (along with a sophie la giraffe) and if you're having troubles with getting your little one to sleep, then its worth every last penny!

You can purchase Ewan at johnlewis, click on one of these links, in the colour you like... Grey Ewan / Purple Ewan