7 September 2015


Today is due date.

I cannot believe today should have been my due date. If Lucas hadn’t been breech or hadn’t chosen not to come early, I could still be pregnant. 
I sit and stare at my beautiful little boy, I look into his huge blue eyes, hold his tiny little hands, kiss his tiny little toes and just feel this massive lump in my throat and completely fall in love with my son over and over again. When I say “this is my little boy” or “I love my son” or someone says “lets give you back to mummy” or just calls me “mummy” I get butterflies and just love it, but still doesn’t feel real.

I still remember watching my bump grow and every time i looked at it think “oh its such a big bump” Then it would get bigger and I would look back and laugh at how I thought I had this huge bump beforehand. I can remember every little flutter, that turned to massive movement and loving this tiny little person, more than life itself. I knew that when I laid eyes on him for the first time, the love I felt when he was in the womb will be a million times bigger. 
Everyone always said “oh, I miss my bump, I bet you miss yours” and It’s not till I go to rub it, or go to put my cuppa on it that I get all emotional and remember it’s not there anymore. I love having Lucas here and would obviously rather have Lucas in my arms than just being the bump. I just have to wait until the next pregnancy I guess! Hopefully I wont have to wait years and years, Brad and I make beautiful babies and I want a smallish age gap. Lucas as a big brother is such a cute image. I’ve always been destined to be a mummy and I am excited to mother another baby or babies one day!  
Does everyone else miss there bumps? Did you like having a bump?