8 September 2015


1. Bowel habits
I don’t need to log onto instagram, tumblr and facebook and see “Bob pooped in the potty for the first time” and a lovely picture of a log filled potty!  It is not cute, be proud but don’t share. Or i’ll put up a picture of me chundering in the nearest toilet.

2. Sick
I also don’t need to see your childs sick bug filled bucket all over the shot either, nor do i need to see you chundering with morning sickness. By all means update your status telling us you feel sick but photos are too far. You’re crossing a fine line.
3. Your bloody show.
I do NOT need see a picture of your pad filled with your show. Tell us it’s here but honestly I do not need to see it. Same goes for the time I saw someone asking for advice on if the amount of discharge in their pants was normal. I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT WHILST I WAS EATING MY CORNFLAKES, I DONT NEED TO SEE THAT EVER!
4. Genitals 
Yours or your littles. There are far too many dodgy cretins on the internet, do what my friend does and use a cat head to cover it or a star. Sharing cute bath time shots is lovely but you don’t know what creep is out there looking at it. 
5. Bragging
There is a fine line between being proud and having a “My kids better than yours contest" Every child develops at different rates, no child is the same. I don’t even know why i’m explaining that to you all, but it seems some mum’s don’t know that. 
6. I’m a better parent because…
You may not start a sentence with this on a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, ect… debate, but you might as well have. I have come across far too many parents who think because they followed all the guidelines and baby books that they’re the worlds best parents. Just because the facts state ”breast is best" doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone and you’re a better or worse parent because you choose to do it or you chose not to. Being a parent is a hard job and as long as you’re not neglecting that child or abusing the child then you’re doing a bloody good job, no matter what style you choose and whether you follow the books or not. There’s a huge divide with parents, especially when it comes to breastfeeding and formula feeding. Just remember you don’t know everyones individual story and you shouldn’t judge them on their decisions.